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The best place to buy all meals and drinks you can think about is a supermarket chain, at least that’s what the majority thinks. To get the necessary products, you are to go to a crowded store, spend an hour wandering between the shelves searching for every item on your list. The truth is revealed after you fail to find what you need, struggle with other people for the last remaining jar of pineapples, and have to spend 15 more minutes in a long queue. This is not to remind you about the shopping challenges. You are close to upgrading your shopping routine. On this page, you will find the huge selection of meals and drinks you can order in Nigeria. From now on, you can forget about crowded supermarkets with all the noise and stress. Instead, check what foods and products you will need in the nearest time, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to find an order meals and drinks. On Jiji, you can buy all existing kinds of cereals: basmati rice, bulgur, muesli healthy breakfast cereal, etc. Order gluten free noodles if you are allergic or just take care of personal health. Low carb bread and the vast array of herbs and spices are also a common thing here. Those, who like cooking, will be glad to discover the wide assortment of ingredients. It is as easy to find organic oat flour and natural honey as whipping cream and dark chocolate chips. If you do not possess outstanding baking skills, just order fresh cookies from those who do. The selection of drinks is equally diverse: from coffee and cappuccino to shock vodka mix. Purchase organic maple syrup to flavour your drinks or have a perfect pancake breakfast. Order some orange flavoured or chocolate drinks for cheat meals. Try energy drinks if you have some serious stuff to deal with and no power at all. And do not forget about Rose sparkling wine for special occasions. Welcome to meals and drinks on Jiji. Bon appetit!

Meals & Drinks in Nigeria

Types: Cakes 636 Drinks 371 Honey 170 Oils 152 Wine 136 Rice 130 Vegetables 100 Catfishes 98 Small Chops 81 Flours 80 Eggs 69 Palm Oil 56 Fruits 55 Powders 53 Champagne 52 Spices 50 Nuts 47 Milk 38 Garri 34 Beans 34 Whisky 34 Salt 32 Peppers 29 Butters 27 Canola Oils 25 Vodka 25 Coffee 22 Meat 22 Bread 22 Tomatoes 21 Juices 21 Sauces 20 Tea 19 Potatoes 19 Sesame Seeds 18 Onions 18 Frozen Food 17 Sugar 16 Crayfish 16 Cocoa 16 Peanuts 16 Snacks 15 Ginger 14 Noodles 14 Popcorn 13 Chips 13 Soda 12 Chin Chin 12 Kilishi 12 Flakes 12
fresh 126 organic 114 red 107 pure 92 natural 84 dried 79 chocolate 56 yummy 46 white 39 raw 39
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