The best place to buy all meals and drinks you can think about is a supermarket chain, at least that’s what the majority thinks. To get the necessary products, you are to go to a crowded store, spend an hour wandering between the shelves searching for every item on your list. The truth is revealed after you fail to find what you need, struggle with other people for the last remaining jar of pineapples, and have to spend 15 more minutes in a long queue. This is not to remind you about the shopping challenges. You are close to upgrading your shopping routine. On this page, you will find the huge selection of meals and drinks you can order in Nigeria. From now on, you can forget about crowded supermarkets with all the noise and stress. Instead, check what foods and products you will need in the nearest time, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to find an order meals and drinks. On Jiji, you can buy all existing kinds of cereals: basmati rice, bulgur, muesli healthy breakfast cereal, etc. Order gluten free noodles if you are allergic or just take care of personal health. Low carb bread and the vast array of herbs and spices are also a common thing here. Those, who like cooking, will be glad to discover the wide assortment of ingredients. It is as easy to find organic oat flour and natural honey as whipping cream and dark chocolate chips. If you do not possess outstanding baking skills, just order fresh cookies from those who do. The selection of drinks is equally diverse: from coffee and cappuccino to shock vodka mix. Purchase organic maple syrup to flavour your drinks or have a perfect pancake breakfast. Order some orange flavoured or chocolate drinks for cheat meals. Try energy drinks if you have some serious stuff to deal with and no power at all. And do not forget about Rose sparkling wine for special occasions. Welcome to meals and drinks on Jiji. Bon appetit!

Meals & Drinks in Nigeria


From Jollof rice to beef stew, pounded yam, and pepper soup, if you are in Nigeria, you can e sure you’re home to many yummy and classic cuisines. With lots of fresh organic produce available around, you have more than enough resources to prepare your favorite delicacies to roll with anytime.

Nigerians not only serve you their lip-smacking cuisines, but you also get to have chilled drinks with your dish. Either alcohol, smoothies, mention it! You will always get it.

Let us look at the several types of meals and drinks in Nigeria, how to enjoy them, and what makes each one stand out.

Food is consumed to provide nutritional support for our bodies, while drinks or beverages are liquids we consume for refreshment or to quench our thirst. Meals can include bakery products, groceries, alcoholic drinks, grains, snacks, ready-made meals, and meat products.

Major Categories

Food and drinks can be categorized into these groups;

  • Meat, Seafood, and Poultry (sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens, fish, eggs)

  • Fast Food (pizza, fish and chips, hamburger, fried chicken, sandwich, french fries, hot dog)

  • Fruits (pineapples, apples, oranges, bananas, lemons, grapes, and strawberries)

  • Vegetables (okra, melon, African spinach, cabbage, corn, potatoes, carrots)

  • Drinks (alcohol, soft drinks, smoothies, mocktails, and fruit juice)

Popular meals and drinks

Jollof Rice: No list of popular dishes in Nigeria can be complete without the mention of jollof rice. It is arguably the most popular dish in the country. Nigerian jollof rice can be found everywhere, from restaurants, roadside vendors, to social gatherings. It is prepared by cooking rice in a rich tomato sauce.

The dish can be eaten alongside MoinMoin, coleslaw, and other side dishes. You can buy both long and short-grain parboiled rice used for Jollof rice on Jiji.

Alcoholic drinks: These drinks contain ethanol. They are stimulants and depressants as they reduce anxiety and improve confidence. You can always enjoy yourself with brandy, vodka, beer, etc. If you want to get these types of drinks, you can always buy from Jiji as we have lots of varieties in store that you can choose from.

Tomato soup: Most people have a bowl of stew tucked away in their freezers because you can never go wrong with tomato stew. It goes hand in hand with many dishes like white rice, yam, bread, pasta, beans, sweet potatoes, and some solid staples. Nigerian tomato soup is prepared with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices.

You can buy meat products and tomato paste on Jiji to garnish your tomato stew and give a thick, rich flavor.

Smoothies: These are drinks made from raw fruits or vegetables. Smoothies can be made with cucumbers, pineapples, pawpaw, etc., and the combination of two or more vegetables will result in this blended mixture. They are also suitable for health and are delicious as well. Would you like to try it out? Check Jiji to see the available options for sales.

Puff puff: Chewy soft, fried dough or batter is another trendy Nigerian street food. Everything about puff puff is appealing and yummy to one’s taste buds. You will find different puff ingredients like flour, sugar, yeast, and groundnut oil for sale on Jiji.


When food vendors take advantage of the present economic hardship to impose an outrageous amount of money on meals and drinks, the smartest thing to do is buy your foodstuff through trusted channels like Jiji to get value for your money.

Log on to Jiji to get all your needed foodstuffs and beverages NOW!

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