Unprocessed milk is banned in a list of countries for being a potentially harmful product. However, the number of benefits a human organism receives from milk of the proper quality is truly amazing! Thanks to the high amount of calcium, people who drink milk frequently have healthy beautiful teeth and strong bones. Milk also stimulates muscle growth as it contains high level of proteins. It will help to prevent muscle soreness and aches after intense exercises. The combination of vitamins and minerals found in milk is able to reduce stress and tension. Milk is an effective energy booster and a real healer. Milk helps to prevent such serious diseases as strokes, health conditions related to blood pressure; it balances cholesterol levels, improves eyesight, and prevents some kinds of cancer. In general, milk is the essential part of the daily diet, ensuring in addition to everything mentioned above deep hydration and skin care. Scroll down and find exactly what you need.

Milk in Nigeria

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