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Rice is among those healthy products, the advantages of which interested people since it was first grown in the southeast Asia over ten thousand years ago. Rice is a fantastic source of energy! The latter is produced instantly, hence one feels active and energized after one’s rice meal. This product decelerates the aging process, as well as stabilizes the pressure and sugar level in the blood, It also improves the movements of the bowel. Rice is proved to affect skin wellness positively and helps in losing weight. Perhaps every woman knows a couple of diets based on rice. This product type, which is acquired as fundamental in cuisines of quite many cultures can be found in any type on! Look for brown, white, organic, long, spicy as well as Indian and Thailand rice in Nigeria particularly at this classified ads service. And if you are a shop-owner and can offer consumers exceptionally valuable rice, Jiji will help you gain even more customers all around the country!

Rice in Nigeria

Types: Rice 510 Flours 12 Vegetables 10 Tomatoes 7 Beans 7 Spices 4 Garri 4 Fruits 3 Sauces 3
basmati 72 ofada 61 50kg 50 brown 46 parboiled 44 5kg 36 grains 26 supreme 23 long 21 premium 20
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