Wine has colonized the world, and it is the fact that is difficult to deny. The history of this drink dates back to over 6,000 years - this is the age of the oldest winery discovered by anthropologists. Slowly but steadily, it spread to the New World, to Africa, and even Antarctica together with travelers, missioners, scientists, and migrants. Besides pleasant taste and special atmosphere, the wine possesses health benefits, which seem surprising for many. It is a scientific fact that wine helps to live longer, and mediterranean diet is the best proof. Wine contains resveratrol (powerful antioxidant found in grape seeds, skins, and leaves), which improves short-term memory and stimulates brain work. Moreover, it improves bones and heart function similarly to mild workouts in the gym. Wine is probably the most pleasant way to regulate blood sugar level, reduce the risk of stroke, and prevent cancer.

Wine in Nigeria

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