Whether you are celebrating birthday, wedding, birth of a child, or simply a good day and a pleasant achievement, champagne will help to create a festive mood and a joyful atmosphere. The only difference between the ordinary and the sparkling wines is their origin: champagne comes from the specific region of France. The great part of the charm while drinking appears thanks to the discernible pop that comes out when you open the bottle. The pressure inside is the same as in a car tyre, so be careful with “special effects”. According to the legend, champagne appeared accidentally. Because of the specific climate in the region fermentation process was interrupted and lead to the secondary fermentation started, giving life to a new beverage. But that is not all: it was created by a monk, who compared his new beverage to “tasting stars”. Undoubtedly, it was a lucky accident, and you can fully enjoy the outcomes by ordering several bottles of champagne on Jiji.ng.

Champagne in Nigeria

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