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How can I buy something on Jiji? How to leave feedback about the seller? How to report illegal activity on Jiji? Should I pay before or after? How can I protect myself from being scammed? How can I be sure that I'll get what I requested? How to find a job on Jiji? How to find a candidate on Jiji? How to post a vacancy on Jiji?
How to leave feedback or report illegal activity
How to leave feedback about the seller or report illegal activity on Jiji site? How to report illegal/fraudulent activity on Jiji.ng app?
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How to buy on Jiji?
How to buy goods on Jiji?

How can I protect myself from being scammed?

We are highly focused on security and try to solve any issues in short terms. Please, check the general tips on how to buy safely:

  1. Meet with sellers face to face in a public place

    Check out the item's quality and make sure that it lives up your expectations before you make payment.

  2. Never give out your financial information that could be misused

    Be attentive and avoid scams and frauds, such as fake payment services, fee requests or requests to use money transfer services.

  3. Be careful and check the company's background twice
    • Don't submit any upfront fees for a job application;
    • Don't go to the remote or unfamiliar places for an interview;
    • Don't disclose any personal information like a bank account number or photocopy of your ID.
  4. Use common sense

    Please, avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such unrealistically low prices or promises of quick money.