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  • Cook Jobs in Nigeria

There is a certain fixed hierarchy of cook jobs. Depending on a cook's skill level he/she takes a particular job in the hotel's, restaurant's or any establishment's kitchen in the food service industry. The cook's practice is of primary importance, too, as principally the years of a cook's work make him/her (or quite frequently assigned as a chef) skillful. Here are the basic cook jobs:

1. Executive chef

This is the top. This cook has the right to create his own meals and includes them in the restaurant's menu. Besides, the employee having this position has the right to fire his working staff members and hire new ones. The whole management of the establishment's kitchen is assigned to the executive chef.

2. Sous chef

Another cook job one may find a vacancy for in Nigeria is that of a sous chef. This job is mostly necessary for bigger restaurants. It can be acquired as the substitute of the executive chef. Once the latter is away, the particularly this position undertakes all his duties.

3. Line cook

This is perhaps the most ordinary option within cook jobs. The latter prepares, cooks, bakes, cuts and does anything necessary for having the orders prepared just in time. Conditioned by the size and popularity of the establishment, there might be hired two, three or even up to eight line cooks.

4. Expeditor

The last position within cook jobs is the rare position of the expeditor. This position is accountable for garnishing the ordered dishes before they are served, organizing the orders by tables.

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