Feeds, Supplements & Seeds in Nigeria


Feeds, supplements and seeds are calculated major sources of nutrition to growing livestock, plants, fruits and vegetables and others because it ensures that they grow in the most suitable conditions that in turn give the consumer the health benefits and more. Popular feeds and supplements for growing plants and livestock would be discussed in the following paragraphs giving you an idea on what and what to look out for.


The main purpose and use of feeds and supplements as said earlier is to boost the growth factor and ensure all possible nutrient requirements are being provided to the animal to prevent stunted growth, contamination from bacteria, death and generally a loss in the market value and sales.

The farming and veterinary sector is an interesting one that is creating jobs for the simple man every day. Production of food is a permanent one and therefore they would always be a demand for the distribution of food produce to all parts of the country. The veterinary side works hand in hand with the farming aspect in the sense that when it comes to the successful grooming of animals it ensures that leading to sales and distribution of healthy animal produce. They can assist by pointing out what medications to take, what exact supplements to provide or add to the food of the feeding livestock.

Jobs here in this agricultural sector can either be self-created as said earlier or provided by the federal government to curb unemployment and to boost the national economy by utilizing and investing a lot of resources such as human power, donation of top-tier machineries, creation of awareness, investment opportunities and more avenues.


Wanting to start your own little garden filled with a lot of juicy crops, fruits and vegetables has never been easier as it is possible to purchase young seedlings of some of these plants such as the budded sweet orange, paddy rice, yam sett, palm kernel cake, cassava stem cuttings, tomato seeds, fenugreek seeds, ugu seedlings, onion seeds but to mention a few.

Other products you can purchase here essential for the growth of your plants are urea fertilizers, manure, poultry waste manure, fish feed and more.

The willing suppliers and interested workers you would find on this platform are grounded on so many different aspects of farming and veterinary where one can be charge of marketing the produce, advertising, branding and the other in charge of grooming, administering of feeds, getting the right environment, ensuring the fertility of the soil and so much more.

Experience is a major factor that counts in a lot when it comes to picking a perfect seller or client as it ensures that the product you are about buying or the service that would be rendered to you is of top-notch quality and is worth every penny spent. This platform would provide you with such a skilled, resourceful person or group of persons which would then bring you much more happy customers.


The beauty of this platform and its purpose of awareness is so that no matter what state you reside in or wherever you may need these services you would always find a qualified supplier, farmer or a veterinarian to look after your sick animal and nurse it back to health nearby. They are qualified farmers all around and many more with a bunch of skills scattered across the whole country in need of jobs willing to even work full time at very good rates.

It is advisable to check thoroughly and meet the intended candidate to discuss business expectations and plans before having an official relationship or signed contracts with them.

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