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What is a FERTILIZER (ORGANIC) in Nigeria?

A FERTILIZER (ORGANIC) is a substance that contains both macro and micro nutrients. It assists in the growth of plants/crops by improving soil condition, texture, aeration and fertility.FERTILIZERS come in different forms such as organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, natural oxidized soils etc., ORGANIC FERTILIZERS are produced from animal dung, plant waste or other biological substances. They are free of harmful chemicals on the environment. ORGANIC FERTILIZERS helps to protect the environment by reducing pollution on their usage because they serve as an antidote to chemical pesticides which can leach into water bodies and poll them with hazardous substances.


FERTILIZER (ORGANIC) on is a place where you can buy and sell new or second-hand FERTILIZER (ORGANIC)s in Nigeria. You can also find a list of manufacturers, dealers and traders who are into the trade of FERTILIZER (ORGANIC). It is a platform where people with different interest come together to share ideas and help one another out. People from all walks of life visit Jiji to buy or sell their products whether it's used or brand new. In fact, many people have been able to make extra income from buying and selling on Jiji thanks to our transparent online payment system.

Benefits of buying a FERTILIZER (ORGANIC) on are as follows:

1. No registration fee: Unlike other classifieds sites, Jiji does not charge users to post their ads and neither do we ask for your phone number or email address. Posts with contact information, price and location will be displayed first so users can interact directly with the seller without wasting time searching for what they want.

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3. 24-hour Customer Service: Our customer care service is available 24/7 to ensure that you receive the high level of services you deserve. We also give feedback to sellers for better customer satisfaction and help make sure your transactions are safe and secure on

Reasons why you should buy a FERTILIZER (ORGANIC) on

Reasons why you should buy a FERTILIZER (ORGANIC) on are as follows:

1 . Seller ratings: When you buy from an established seller, it is an indication that they have been selling for some time and can be trusted to deliver what they advertise. Furthermore, we encourage them to ensure their products meet the standard we set by rating them accordingly and featuring feedback from buyers who patronized their services before with tips on how to do business with them successfully.

2 . Latest listings: Our filters help you search through our categorized listings so you can easily find the product(s) of your choice without having to go through numerous posts from different sellers or ads thus saving your time as well as energy.

3 . No middlemen: On Jiji, you sell directly to buyers which means that sellers are not allowed to put up purchase orders thus there is no intermediaries who hike the price because they know you have a lot of potential customers. Sellers also have access to our online chat for fast communication with their clients at all times without having to wait until morning or weekends.

4 . Competitive prices: You can rest assured that prices shown on Jiji are all negotiable and reasonable as well as allowing users negotiate freely with any seller before completing a transaction thereby getting a fair deal for both parties.

How do I maintain a FERTILIZER (ORGANIC) in Nigeria?

It is important to maintain your FERTILIZER (ORGANIC) in good condition for you to enjoy its purpose and value. There are several ways you can do this:

Keep it clean. Depending on your usage, the inside of the tank may get dirty or blocked which you need to clean using a brush or something that can remove dirt and other particles from the system.

Safety check:Ensure there are no damaged parts before use. Always wear protective clothing and gloves when handling fertilizers and follow safety instructions available in the manual provided with it.


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