Farm Machinery & Equipment in Nigeria


Agricultural machinery and equipment are generally used to produce or harvest agricultural products. A farm tractor, husbandry implement, irrigation piece of equipment, or a part utilized in the repair or maintenance of farm machinery and equipment are all examples of farm machinery and equipment.

Except for common or ordinary hand tools, farm machinery and equipment refers to machinery and equipment specifically designed for use in livestock and dairy production, as well as equipment and machinery not specifically designed for this use but which are directly and primarily used in livestock and dairy production.

Features and specifications

Engine type

1000.6 WT

Engine power, kW/HP


Max engine speed, rpm


Speed regulator


Gearbox type

Full synchronized

Three point hydraulic linkage


Wheel drive


Front axle suspension


Cab suspension


Operators seat adjustment


Driver’s seat


Front power takeoff (PTO)


Front ballast weight, kg


Tyres dimensions (rear-front)


Tyres pressure, bar


Tractor dimensions (length x width x height), mm


Wheelbase, mm


Total weight, kg


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Farm Machinery & Equipment maintenance

This is the process of inspecting, cleaning, and repairing various sections of heavy machinery, such as hydraulics, engines, and moving parts, on a regular basis. Preventative maintenance is taking care of the equipment on a regular basis, which may include oil changes, tire pressure checks, and cleaning.

Keep in mind the following:

Check the lubricant level on a regular basis. Regularly inspect for excessive grease build-up and oil seal leaks. Always use the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer or specified in the operator's manual. Make sure you're using the proper amount of lubrication. You risk greater friction and wear and tear if you apply too little lubrication. Excessive lubrication, on the other hand, causes grease build-up and performance problems.

The simplest approach to clean any heavy machinery is using a hose to thoroughly remove dirt traces. A few elements of the equipment, however, are difficult to clean with a basic water hose. Cleaning such parts may necessitate the use of specialized cleaning procedures such as power or pressure washing, steam cleaning, and acid washing, among others.

Exceeding the performance limits will result in greater wear and tear, as well as decreased equipment longevity and efficiency, resulting in accidents.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mechanization has both benefits and drawbacks. Mechanization supports large-scale production and enhances the quality of farm produce, in addition to enhancing production efficiency. However, it displaces unskilled farm labor, pollutes the environment, and promotes deforestation and erosion.

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