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How old are you? Nike Air Max shoes are 30 this year!

Nike Air Max is distinctive by cushioning with a heel visible from the side - that’s how the majority of models from the line look. The convenient design and attractive look made these sneakers easy-recognizable and widely popular. There is hardly any other model of sports shoes, equally popular among runners, football fans, hip hop culture, and just as everyday wear for active people.

Nike Air Max Futures

    • versatile,
      equipped with unique cushioning technology.
  • They guarantee

    - flexibility,

    - impact protection,

    - ultimate convenience.

    This model has become a real revolution in youth culture. Even the soundtrack for the first advertising campaign was Revolution by The Beatles. The famous Just Do It slogan was first used a year after the sneakers were introduced to the world. And it is not surprising: in the 1990s, Nike Air Max 95 model has become so loved and looked for in Japan that it started real Air Max hunting! Nowadays, the things are much easier for you. Scroll down to discover the selection of Nike Air Max models and get what fits you best.

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