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A good pair of beautiful shoes can complete your look making it stunning and alluring! Yet, we are sure you can't go with a single pair, you need one for having walks outdoors, one for going for work or study, one to do sports and one to attend grandiose parties. And if you are a girl, you should definitely have a pair of most luxury shoes to wear on your dates and amaze him with your sexuality! As a rule, shoes by remarkable designers are much more costly than the majority can afford, while those from a nearby shop may wear out too soon or make you feel uncomfortable. So which to choose? This is a dilemma that Jiji has got a solution for! The biggest Nigerian online shop has gathered under its roof the best shoes in Nigeria including moccasins and booties, as well as boots, slippers, sandals, and other footwear by prominent brands. And what attracts the most is this fabulous online classifieds is the unique combination of affordability and diversity of choice.

Shoes in Nigeria

Types: Sneakers 6779 Sandals 6019 Slippers 4055 Loafers 2822 Flats Shoes 1925 Boots 1294 Brogues 807 Footwear 595 Oxfords 435 Slides 415 Pumps 352 Canvas 261 Flip Flops 99 Boat Shoes 76 Creepers 66 Moccasins 64 Espadrilles 21 Booties 16
Brands: nike 2877 gucci 2449 adidas 2369 giuseppe zanotti 1252 christian louboutin 1245 puma 1048 versace 673 john foster 644 louis vuitton 573 zara 528 timberland 490 balenciaga 424
black 5919 heel 4625 leather 2503 brown 1945 blue 1413 block 1375 red 1373 suede 1357 white 1335 italy 1201 high 1132 classic 917 gold 883 air 793 wedge 779 lace 745 designer 708 ankle 646 top 637 high top 592 genuine 503 high heeled 457 toe 446 fashion 435 casual 421
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