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A wrong footwear can spoil the reputation of a good dress. This statement is so true that anyone could bet their feet on it. They have been around for as long as civilization. It isn’t easy to picture what life was like before they were discovered.

Everything began with a genuine and practical desire to protect the foot from the elements. This seemingly mild human need grew and expanded into an industry in which aesthetics were as essential as functionality.

Who should buy shoes?

The answer is straightforward – everyone. Whether you are a student, a worker, a man, a woman, a soldier, or whatever field of work, you need to protect your feet. And you do not have to put on bland designs that do not match your style and personality.

There are different categories of footwear. You will find several brands of sneakers, slippers, flat wear, loafers, sandals, slides, and canvas of all sizes and gender. We have some of this fantastic footwear for sale on Jiji.

We will take you through some of the designs in the table below.


Event/dress combination


This is mainly seen in schools and worn by students. They are also used alongside casual wear or with a jeans outfit.


Popularly used in sports, a canvas is appropriate for various locations and environments and can be used for outings, holidays, and the gym.


It can be worn with chinos, jeans or suits in some cases


Casual slip-on that allows good feet ventilation are used mainly indoors.

Flat wears

They are the safest to wear, and they prevent cartilage damage and flat foot.


Mostly worn at home as a casual footwear


This is an excellent match with jean trousers, combat shorts, and long trousers. They match with a wide range of dresses

Why is it essential for you to wear proper footwear?

Proper footwear is critical to reducing the risk of certain parasitic diseases and foot infections in third-world countries.

It is crucial to wear proper shoes in Nigeria so that you can look smart. Believe it that nobody wants to wear the wrong thing to the right event. It will be unheard of for a bride to wear her gown with a pair of slides.

People with diabetes are also at risk of developing sores on their feet, which may lead to amputation. Healthy footwear is essential for preventing diabetic foot infections and providing support to the feet for comfort and proper recovery. Bunions, Charcot foot, and corns are just a few of the other foot issues that can be eased with the appropriate footwear.

Shoes do not only help our feet to heal but can also aid in the support and stability of our feet. Because not all feet are created equal, properly fitting one that can help align your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back will enhance posture and correct your stride.

How do you get yours?

If you are not sure of the suitable shoes you wish to buy in Nigeria, check out the various designers and brands on Jiji as we sell all types of footwear at reasonable prices. You will surely end up loving what you see enough to splash the cash on it.

Are you ready to roll into the world of fantastic footwear designs? Then log on to Jiji to get started immediately!

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