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Brief history

Do you know that wristwatches aren’t meant for men in the early years? Yes, they are almost exclusively worn by women while men make use of pocket watches.

They were said to have been created by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1812, which he made for the Queen of Naples. But it was later noted in some narrations that the Queen of England is the first to have a wristwatch-tagged arm watch in the 1570s.

However, the timepieces were made for women only, but the military men adopted them during the first world war to keep a check on time. As time went by, they became a requirement in the military. Later, other men started getting them until they became that essential part of everyone’s clothing, and they love to wear and use them.

Features to look out for

Watches are worth going for, and that is because they keep abreast of the time and compliment your dressing. However, if you want one for yourself, these are the basic features you should look out for;

  • Go for a mechanical wristwatch rather than quartz. Mechanical types are automatic, and they don’t use batteries, while quartz uses a battery that isn’t very durable. Although mechanical brands are expensive at the same time, they stand the test of time. If you wonder where you can get one, log on to Jiji to check out the available options in-store.

  • Go for brands: Purchase types with a good brand name because they are most time associated with quality. If you go for brands that aren’t well known, you won’t know if they are of quality. You can go for brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, carter, Rolex, and the likes. Check on Jiji to see the options available that you can always choose from.

  • Go for those with water resistance abilities, especially if you are the type who loves swimming or constantly forgets to take them off before a shower. Water-resistance watches aren’t always luxurious. You can always get a moderate price brand with a particular feature. You can always check Jiji to choose from the available options.


Watches are worn every day, and they are prone to get worn out easily. Therefore for durability, it is essential to care for the one you use daily. Here are few tips to have in mind;

  • Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth and avoid dipping in hot water even if it is water resistance

  • Service it regularly

  • Avoid leaving them near solid magnetic fields like mobile phones, refrigerators, speakers, etc.

  • Avoid contact with chemical

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight

  • Store them safely by keeping them in their boxes after use


  • It keeps you accountable

  • It gives you confidence and makes you feel sophisticated

  • If you are a businessman and use them, you will be perceived as professional, organized, and reliable.

  • It well compliments your dressing and makes you look formal.

Wristwatches are always lovely ad adorable, especially when you have them on a corporate or a business casual outfit. As much as they add value and compliment you, they can be uncomfortable sometimes if they are too loose or tight.

However, if you ever want to get an excellent and quality brand, you can check out Jiji and surf through the page to see the available designers that you can choose from.

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