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Every lady’s dream is to have her dream wedding gown on her looking like the queen that she has always been. It is as well the wish of a guy to look breathtaking for his bride to be. Marriage attires aren’t just any dress or shoe or bag, and they are what makes a bride and groom.

Why are they so essential?

You need to note that your wedding attire isn’t limited to just the gown and dress. It has to do with clothing, shoes, bags, pieces of jewellery, and much more. However, some people don’t like it because they feel it’s an exaggeration of the celebration. Well, if they do, it’s okay but not the best. Here are few reasons why you should have a costume for your nuptial;

  • It will serve as a reminder of your special day

  • Your attire tells more of who you are

  • It will serve as a symbol of love between you and your spouse.

Wedding attires are an essential highlight of the ceremony. A majority of those coming are there to see the special people of the day, so it won’t be wrong if you dress exceptionally.

Historically, bridal attires are held in high esteem, and that is because, at some point in time, marriages weren’t always about love. The union was more of politics. And then, it is always compulsory for a bride and groom to dress in a manner that reflects their family in the most prestigious way and in a way that will befit their social status.

This outlines the importance of wedding attires. It not also about the couple but more about the family. However, it is understandable that picking a perfect dress can be stressful and very frustrating, but you have nothing to worry about. Here are few tips on how to choose your perfect attire.

  • Decide on what to put on with your spouse: The first step to achieving your dream wedding outfit is to speak to your spouse about how you guys want to look. And note that whatever decision you reach should be in line with your theme. If it is a traditional marriage, you go for a traditional outfit, and for any other type, you should opt for a dress that suits your kind of marriage.

  • Know your style: If you are a simple girl, go for something less complicated. If you like elegance, you can choose a dazzling dress. The point is that you wear something that fits you and is comfortable. Note that your shoes and bags must also be in line with the dress as well.

  • Go for fitting and not size: As a guy, don’t always go for any suit, be sure you fit in whatever you will be wearing. Always order your outfit a few months before the d-day so as you see if they truly fit.

  • Workaround your budget: Whatever you and your spouse will be choosing, make sure you work with your finances because nothing is more depressing than finding that one dress or shoe or bag or that captures your heart, and then you realize you can’t keep it, so make sure you work around your budget

  • Get the right shoes: The extra here is complimenting your dress with the right shoes, in as much as you want to look sophisticated and lovely. Do not in any way go for wears you can’t fit in because comfort should be your priority. If you are a lover of heels, go for heels. If it’s a wedge you find comfortable, then go for it. That applies to the groom too.

With these tips, you will rock your dream attire on your big day. But if in any way you don’t know where to shop for suitable wedding wear and accessories, Jiji is the best option for you in Nigeria.

You will find varieties of clothing that you can choose from at an affordable deal. Log on to Jiji to start shopping NOW!

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