Retail Jobs in Nigeria

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What are retail jobs?

A retail position is an occupation that involves working in a division store where buying and selling take place. It is any form of employment that allows you to work in a store. Your workload is tied around customer relations. This includes greeting and helping customers, resolving customer complaints, and making the customers feel at home.

Based on your skills and acquired education, you can get a marketing position as a sales associate, cashier, visual merchandiser, store manager, assistant store manager, customer service representative, and many more.

As a store manager, you have to ensure the smooth running of the business. Their job description includes:

  • Planning and directing the day-to-day operations of the store

  • Managing budgets

  • Maintaining financial records

  • Recruiting, training supervising of staffs

  • Dealing with customers complaints

  • Maximization of profit

  • Meeting sales target by training, providing feedback to sales staff, and encouraging other members of staff to do so

  • Ensuring adherence to safety and health legislation

  • Preparation of promotional materials

  • Ensure all members of staff give excellent customer service

  • Propose innovative ideas to increase market share

  • Conduct personnel performance

  • Maintain excellent store condition and visual merchandising standards

  • Develops strategies to improve customer service

Retail jobs aren’t a walk in the park. They require some essential qualifications and skills like:

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • The ability to work without supervision and in a team

  • Perfect customer service skills

  • Experience with a point-of-sale system

  • The ability to be creative

  • Ability to carry out adequate research

  • Ability to set and achieve business goals

  • Ability to think strategically

  • Organizational skills

  • Ability to learn quickly

  • Confidence

  • Excellent IT skills

Perks from working in a marketing position

There are several advantages you get from working in the marketing industry. They include that:

  • You build interpersonal communication skills and confidence as you will get to meet and interact with a lot of people daily

  • You become perfect in your usage of computer as you will be using the point of sales system most times

  • You learn to work in a team as you will be doing a lot of teamwork while working in stores

  • You also get to enjoy discounts on products as an employee in your company. It can be around 10-30% off the tag price, which should entice you.

  • You also enjoy flexible schedules in the sense that some marketing locations offer time shifts. So if you are a student, you can school and work.

  • This is the best position for you if you are a style-conscious person as it keeps you updated on the latest trends.

  • This position helps you improve your mode of dressing because you have to look good to look competent and professional.

  • You earn some vital customer service experience

Different retail jobs that you can apply for

  • Sales associate

  • Advertising and marketing manager

  • Cashier

  • Store manager

  • Assistant store manager

  • Visual merchandiser

  • Buyer

  • Security guard

  • Inventory manager

  • Social media manager

  • Customer service representative

  • Human resources

  • Logistics coordinator

  • Loss prevention specialist

If you are sure that you possess the above skills and can work in a marketing setting in Nigeria, there are several offers for you to start applying to on Jiji. Check them out and start shooting your professional shots for that dream job NOW!

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