Sports Club Jobs in Nigeria

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What are sports club jobs?

A job in the administration of any sporting activity is an excellent opportunity to combine the passion for the game, fitness, and the practical business activities of a range of organizations. As an administrator, you must ensure the smooth running of the sporting business. Others include organizing events and running sporting facilities.

Based on your skills and competencies, you can find employment as a marketing manager, customer service executive, gym supervisor, administrator, athletic trainer, athletic director, physical therapist, physician, and even reporter.

As an administrator, you carry out administrative duties and ensure the smooth running of the organization's daily activities. Some of which includes the following:

  • Management of departmental budgets

  • Hiring and training new staff

  • Answering phone calls

  • Responding to emails

  • Planning fundraisers

  • Organizing sporting events, meetings, conferences, etc

  • Promoting sporting activities in schools

  • Giving administrative support to managerial staff and heads of the organization

  • Working with young people or students

  • Controlling the finance allocated for community activities

  • Conducting research and collating, mapping, and monitoring data

They also require specific skills and competencies. Some of these include;

  • Ability to build and maintain good relationships with a vast number of people

  • A good level of self-motivation

  • Good administrative skills

  • Must have a strong interest in sporting activities

  • Must have good listening ears

  • Ability to manage time well

  • Good planning and organization skills

  • Ability to multitask

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills

Your qualifications must also strongly highlight your:

  • Experience in administration

Perks from doing sports club jobs

The advantages of doing this work include:

  • You get to develop your teamwork skills because most of the time, you will be working as a team

  • You can work on your fitness and enjoy other sides attractions of sporting

  • Industry growth

  • You get access to training

  • You can apply your experience

  • You also get wide-ranging mental benefits

Just like a coin has two sides, It also has disadvantages. They include that:

  • They are often associated with working for long hours and also during weekends too

  • When it comes to salaries, the salaries of these jobs are not as high as other sectors of the economy. The pay is on the average level.

Various sporting work you can fill in for

  • Club Administrator

  • Gym instructor

  • Marketing manager

  • Athletic director

  • Athletic trainer

  • Information director

  • Physical therapist

  • Fitness nutritionist

  • Team Physician

  • Team Psychologist

  • Physical education instructor

  • News reporter

  • Sport Writer

  • Head Coach

  • Assistant coach

  • Photographer

  • Talk show host

If you are sure you have all it takes regarding the skills and competencies that can land you any of the sports club jobs in Nigeria, then log on to Jiji to apply for that dream role of yours NOW!

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