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A restaurant or a bar is occupied by many workers, which is a good sign as it gives room for more employment. The job is flexible, and it is well paying as well.

However, the jobs in a cafeteria fall under several categories as we have managers, waiters, bartenders, cooks, hosts, bus persons, and janitors.

Each role here have their functions, and their contributions mean a lot to the operation of any eatery and an inn.

Keeping up a cafeteria or tavern isn't a joke, so whoever wants to work there must be intelligent, proactive, very active, and social.

Available restaurant and bar jobs

Eatery Manager: if you are interested in managing a cafeteria or an inn, you oversee all the activities going on in the building. You are charged with the responsibility of recruiting, training, and supervising staff. You are all in charge of planning the menu, promoting and marketing the business, and overseeing the stock level.

However, if you are opting for this position, you must have an attractive resume. And must;

  • Be versatile and have expert multi-tasking abilities

  • Have outstanding leadership skills.

However, you can scroll through Jiji to see the available vacancies around you if you are interested.

Chefs or cook: A chef is one of the most important people in an eatery as they can make or mar the business growth and development. As a chef, all you need to do is plan menus, ensuring that foods that are of a high standard, quality, and are richly tasty are served in the eatery.

You should possess these qualities if indeed you want to be employable in this position. They are;

  • You must be able to work under exemplarily in a high-pressure environment.

  • You must be hygienic and very much into sanitation regularly.

  • You must have passion and pride for delighting people with food.

If you want to take the mantle of a cook in an eatery, you can log on to Jiji to see available vacancies for you to fit in.

Waiters: This is one of the essential positions in a cafeteria as they are in charge of giving the clients the best customer service they would ever have. As a waiter, all you do is take orders, ensure that everything is going fine with the customers, and serve more like their personal relationship officer.

So if you are interested or you a waiter, you must have;

  • Communication skills

  • You must be passionate and observant

  • Swift and sophisticated

If you would like to take up the position, you can log on to Jiji to see the available openings closest to you.

Cashier: The service of a cashier is also required in a restaurant and bar as you will be in charge of taking accounts and for payment purposes. You also give a weekly report on the company's financial status and provide ideas on improving the cafeteria's financial situation.

Bartender: Their services are needed in an inn and even an eatery. All you do is offer and serve drinks to clients. You are also saddled with the responsibility of coming up with a drink menu and creating your masterpiece. To fit in, you must be;

  • Creative and an enthusiastic lover of alcohol

  • You must be cheerful and committed

  • You must as well be an expert when it comes to making exciting menus

Does the above sound like you? Log on to Jiji to see the available opportunities for you to leverage on.

Finding restaurant and bar jobs in Nigeria is very easy if you are exposed to the correct information. With Jiji, you have a credible portal for such openings. You can check through the available vacancies to see which will be best for you NOW!

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