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Strategy consultants provide unbiased advice on high-level choices, leveraging extensive industry knowledge to achieve the best results. It is a sort of Management Consulting that entails providing advice to a company's highest levels.

Strategy consultants are largely responsible for analyzing business processes and goals and making recommendations for improvements or changes in the company's direction. They assist a business in defining markets and identifying trends within those areas. Consultants in strategy troubleshoot and apply solutions to existing issues.


Arthur Dehon Little, a chemist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founded the first strategy consulting firm in 1886. After that, more people joined in and helped to institutionalize the field of management consulting. Despite the fact that Arthur D. Little paved the way, he refused to follow the crowd as the field he had created grew.

From the 1940s to the 1960s, consulting firms played a significant role in the emergence of "multidepartment" organizations, which are still the backbone of many large corporations. Although consultants did not originate this paradigm, they were instrumental in spreading it. Since the 1950s, they've been regarded as the "thought architects" of the organizations for which they worked, designing everything from the structure to the plans and functions. Consulting businesses began to market strategy rather than structure in the mid-1960s. By the end of the 1980s, consultants had taken on a completely new position in companies: they were tasked with legitimizing their strategy.


One of the prime tasks of Strategy Consultants is to assess a company's present goals and direction and ensure that practices are in line with those goals. They will give recommendations for bettering procedures and adjusting a company's goals and mission in order to boost performance and market share.

Strategy Consultants are in charge of keeping a tab on market trends in order to assist a company in adapting to changing conditions that affect goals and production. They will identify crucial markets in which a firm should participate and assist companies in adapting to market changes in order to be successful.

Strategy consultants collaborate closely with senior management and executives to assist with budgeting and production decisions. They assess current processes and give recommendations for cost-cutting and revenue-generating solutions to challenges in these areas.

It is beneficial for businesses to understand competition practices and market behaviour, and Strategy Consultants are responsible for providing this knowledge. They'll look at what works and what doesn't for competitors in order to help their businesses implement effective strategies and avoid mistakes.

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Strategy consulting VS management consulting

Although management consulting and strategy consulting may appear to be the same thing, they are not. The most significant distinction is that strategy consulting is typically done at the executive level, with CEOs or boards of directors. To put it another way, strategic consulting is more problem-solving oriented.

Strategy consulting is the "What" and management consulting is the "Do" at the highest level. Management consultants execute strategic vision whereas strategy consultants focus on the key questions and strategic direction. They are intertwined and frequently rely on one another.

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