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Finding a job in Nigeria can be a bit stressful, with the increase in qualified graduates per year. Do you have a driver's license, and are you interested in driving, but you do not own a vehicle? Well, visit the Jiji website today to find the latest job vacancies for drivers. Simply go online and search for driving jobs. You can be a private driver or drive for companies. Do not miss this fantastic driving opportunity. Here are some factors to consider when looking for driving jobs online:

Period Of Work

You need to know how long you want to drive for. Are you a student who just wants to work for a short period while on holidays or are you looking for a long term placement. Some listings on Jiji may be looking for a private driver for a month or a year. Before you apply, you should get in touch with the contact number to settle on how long you are will to work with them.


Each listing will have a range of salary that will be offered to you if you are employed for the job. You can use the filter tool to specify the range of wages for listings you want to be shown to you. Some car owners may strike up a deal with you where you can use the car for transportation around town, and then you are paid a certain amount at the end of the month. Or you can find listings for private individuals that require a personal/ private driver. You should weigh these options before applying for the job.

Be Smart

Because you are applying for a driving job does not mean you should not be smart and coordinated. No one wants to give their car to someone they cannot trust. When going for a test drive, you should be able to show the employer that you are a safe driver, and you will not include costs on the vehicle due to reckless driving.

Why sit at home with a driver's license when you can browse for driving jobs online. Jiji has made the process a lot easier for you. Do not hesitate to use the filter tool to get what you want.

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