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Any employment that requires specific skills obtained through advanced training rather than a four-year college or university is considered a trade job. “Skilled trades” is a term used to describe jobs in the building and manufacturing industries. In addition, many of these fields are seeing tremendous job growth.

Skilled trades are occupations that demand specific knowledge and training but do not necessitate lengthy education (e.g., surgeons). A technical school, an apprenticeship, on-the-job training, or a mix of these are the most common ways to get trade expertise. A four-year college degree is not normally required for skilled trades.

Construction workers are skilled employees that assist in the construction of office buildings, residences, schools, highways, bridges, industries, and other structures. New house construction and refurbishment, heavy industrial construction, institutional and commercial construction, and civil engineering construction are the main construction sectors.


"Skilled worker," "craftsman," "artisan," and "tradesman" were all used in overlapping senses. All of these terms refer to people who have received specialized training in the skills required for a specific job. Some of them created things that they sold from their own premises, while others were hired to do one part of the manufacturing in a firm that required a variety of skilled workers. Others were factory workers who had honed their skills in a difficult phase of the process and could earn high wages and long-term employment. These words were also used to refer to skilled people in the building trades (e.g. carpenters, masons, plumbers, painters, plasterers, and glaziers).


Agricultural, construction, transportation, service, manufacturing, and industrial trades are the five broad areas of skilled trades. Some instances are as follows:

Agriculture skilled trades are farm or ranch manager, agricultural equipment operator, animal husbandry and animal caretaker, forest and conservation technician, nursery and greenhouse managers

Construction skilled trades include carpenter, electrician, plumber, pipefitter and steamfitter, mason, painter, heating and air conditioning, technician

Transportation skilled trades examples; automotive/motorcycle service technician, bus operator, train operator, heavy equipment operator, heavy equipment technician, aircraft maintenance technician

Service skilled trades include nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, chef, baker, food service manager, hairdresser, landscape, architects

Manufacturing and industrial skilled trades are welder, machinists, metal fabricator, tool and die, maker.

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Pros and Cons

There is a greater demand for skilled labour than there is supply, and the shortage is expected to worsen when the baby boomers retire. The need for trained tradesmen grows as the number of qualified tradesmen decreases, generating opportunities for those already working in the trades. They can put their apprenticeship and/or on-the-job abilities to good use, and they stand a good chance of seeing their salaries raise.

The lie that skilled workers are less intellectual is wicked and devoid of context, and it should be disregarded outright. People seem to believe that if you have intelligence, you should be able to rule over the dumb tradesman. For the intelligent, being the boss is a rite of passage. Because the majority have been given the cards of stupidity, individuals with intelligence should avoid mixing with them. Skilled tradesmen are among of the most mechanically minded people you'll meet, and as such, they were problem solvers, creators, and tinkerers, and their creative mind proved to be priceless.

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