Mitsubishi Cars in Nigeria

Mitsubishi Motors is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. It continues to make fantastic cars that appeal to businesses and families, wile the company's new agreement has boosted Mitsubishi's productivity and car models.

This article highlights what Mitsubishi has to offer you, its cost in Nigeria, and where you can buy yours for that cheap and reasonable price you ever wanted. 

History of the Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi was first established in 1870 as a shipping company, although they did not begin to manufacture their automobiles until 1917 after Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. gave off the Mitsubishi Model A.

The reason to own a Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi is super loaded with several comforting and convenient features that make it a first-class choice every time. 

Its newest models are equipped with fantastic specs like a sunroof, leather upholstery seats, an electric parking brake, a dual-zone automatic climate control, and an eight-way power-adjustable driver seat that sits on the right length, width, and wheelbase. Indeed, Mitsubishi is a perfect choice for you!

Its appearance is amazingly sporty as it is built on 18-inch alloy wheels that make it adventurous and allow a deep imprint on the rugged Nigerian roads.

The high-quality Rockford Fosgate audio system is distributed on the front, middle and rear sides of the Mitsubishi vehicles to help you make the best of your driving experience.

While you can always boast of Mitsubishi's deals as it achieves an amazingly sporty exterior, they do not always come with significant technical enhancements. That makes their previously sold standard vehicle versions not different from the newly launched ones.

How much will a Mitsubishi cost you, and what are your choices?

Knowing how much the Mitsubishi will cost you is your next step in owning one. They are available for sale on Jiji with the foreign used, Nigerian used, and the brand new models up and ready for your exploits! 

You can acquire any of the Tokunbo or Foreign used, the Nigerian Used and the brand new Mitsubishi vehicles cost as low as #260,000 for the old models and up to #30 million for the brand new models. The price is dependent on the production year and the added embellishments! 

Log on to Jiji to pick your choice NOW!

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