Mitsubishi Montero in Nigeria

Referred to as a "family car," the Mitsubishi Montero took the world by storm with her high-quality interior amongst other fantastic specs. 

However, there are other reasons you should give the Mitsubishi Montero a chance amongst your fleet. We have made provisions for a few of these reasons for you in this article. We have also included how to choose your best choice, its cost in Nigeria, and where to buy it at a cheap and convenient price. 

Here they are! 

Check out its history

When the Mitsubishi Montero initially emerged on the U.S. market in 1983, few people believed SUVs would soon be the family car of choice in America. The initial Montero was a unique boxy two-door 4x4 vehicle that shared the off-road abilities of a Jeep Wrangler using a weatherproof cabin. 

Mitsubishi publicized the SUV as the Montero in Spain, the U.S., and even in the United Kingdom. However, it didn't do that in Brazil and Jamaica, as it is no longer retailed in North America as of late 2006.

It has evolved in designs and specs

The 2001 model of the Mitsubishi Montero was one that abandoned the ancient "box-it-came-in" style for sexy curves. Instead of its normal body-on-frame structure, the third-gen Montero came with a unibody. It also traded its recirculating-ball steering and live rear axle for rack-and-pinion steering and four-wheel independent suspension. 

The 3.5-liter V-6 engine and a developed but limited fifth gear, as well as an automatic transmission system, resulted in a Montero with improved ride, handling, and wind noise, with no loss in off-road ability. 

In the newer models, the Mitsubishi Montero got a modern 3.8-liter V-6 rated at 215 horsepower, and the five-speed automatic became basic across the Montero line. A new electronic stability control system was also introduced to vastly enhance its safety. 

Finding a Montero can be tricky, but we got YOU!

If you are interested in a Mitsubishi Montero, firstly, watch out for rust, indications of abuse, and, ideally, find one with great maintenance history.

Some Monteros have been modified for off-road use. Monteros create incredible off-road operation cars but beware of inadequate work done by others. If you need an off-road operation, you are advised to begin with an unmodified Montero.

If you're looking for a Montero as family transportation, we recommend a 2003 or later model, as these were equipped with electronic stability control. The control renders the Montero less prone to a crash or rollover in the incident of a swerve or other abrupt emergency maneuvers.

Other benefits of the Mitsubishi Montero

Other fantastic benefits the Mitsubishi Montero has in stock for you is its high-quality interior, striking cabin setup, big cargo potential, and outstanding off-road ability.

Some minor challenges might be

The Mitsubishi Montero, as a setback, lacks power when compared to its competitors. There is also a constricted third-row seat, and it does not contain side curtain airbags.

How much will the Mitsubishi Montero cost you?

While you now understand what to look out for when you want to buy your Mitsubishi Montero, it is time to know how much it is up for sale. 

Getting the Tokunbo, a Nigerian Used, or the brand new Mitsubishi Montero will cost you between #300,000 and #28.5 million on one of Nigeria's biggest online marketplace, Jiji.

You should make use of this fantastic price opportunity to get yours immediately! Log on to Jiji NOW!

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