Mitsubishi L200 in Nigeria

In 1978, the demand for small pickup trucks was very high as people found them useful for work-related tasks and weekend adventures. To meet this need, Mitsubishi Motors gave off the Mitsubishi L200 (previously Mitsubishi Forte) as its first product for the pickup market in North America in 1978.

While their philosophy was to create a practical and useful vehicle, ours is to bring you the wonders of the Mitsubishi L200. You will get them in this article together with the price, where to buy, and how to get the best for cheap in Nigeria.

Enjoy till the end!

Let's ride its history

The Mitsubishi L200 styling was based on the Galant Eterna with specs including a long nose, air dam skirt, and twin round headlamps. The four-wheel-drive Mitsubishi L200 was the pioneer for the Montero and Pajero as well as the other 4WD vehicles in the Mitsubishi Motors lineup.

Mitsubishi L200 uses a different name for most of its export market. For example, Rodeo, Colt, Storm, Magnum, and L200 Strakar. Currently, the pickup truck is sold in every available Mitsubishi market except the United States, Canada, Japan, India, and China.

And it's specs?

When it was first produced, the Mitsubishi L200 was powered by a 1.6L engine. It delivered superior driving stability. Its suspension was a double-wishbone with a coil at the front and leaf spring with a rigid axle at the rear.

Mitsubishi's 5-year warranty covers the Mitsubishi L200, or 62,500 miles, with a 12,500-mile service interval. Both its manual and automatic transmissions system are also six-speed.

Furthermore, you get a keyless entry, leather seats with front seat heaters, auto lights and wipers, a rear camera, and a dual-zone climate control system.

How much do you have to pay for the Mitsubishi L200?

To ascertain how much the Mitsubishi L200 cost, then you're in the best place as you will get the best on Jiji! The price of the available Mitsubishi L200 models for sale is hugely dependent on the production year!

To buy the Tokunbo, the Nigerian Used, or even the brand new Mitsubishi L200, you will only expend between #730,000 and #14 million.

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