Mitsubishi Pajero in Nigeria

The Mitsubishi Pajero is a rugged, seven-seater SUV with an appearance and impression of a last-generation vehicle. The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is incredibly available in both diesel-manual and diesel-auto types, with a four-wheel-drive accompanying the manual type.

The Mitsubishi Pajero is equipped with fantastic specs that will get you tripping. You will also know how much it will cost to be a proud owner of the Mitsubishi Pajero in Nigeria, for a very sweet, cheap, and decent price.

History of the Mitsubishi Pajero

The history of the Mitsubishi Pajero dates back to 1934, with one of its trial-product commissioned for the Japanese Government. Mitsubishi then launched its first Mitsubishi Pajero model in 1973 before announcing the Mitsubishi Pajero II model five years later.

Here's the reason to buy the Mitsubishi Pajero

The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport stands tall with a design that shows its age. You can't escape the Mitsubishi's old-fashioned style on the inside too. It offers fantastic seat comfortability, but its cabin isn't so extensive. That makes sitting in the middle row a bit congested for three passengers. It is, however, capable of allowing for three or more if they are children.

Even though the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport seems old, its 2.5-liter, four-cylinder, 178hp producing turbo-diesel engine will still excite you. It feels durable and easy. Meanwhile, the 4x2's automatic gearbox is reliably quick and shifts almost instantly. On its own, the 4x4's manual gearbox is also decent in its use.

Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi Pajero journeys with a low-speed roughness ladder-chassis that still leave you with a good feeling of control at greater speeds. However, the weighty steering may call for several turns, making it feel awkward but more agile and lighter than its rivals.

Where the Mitsubishi Pajero excels greatly in is the off-road capabilities. It has a 235mm of ground clearance and a 700mm paddling depth that allows the Mitsubishi Pajero to carry out whatever it wants.

How much will the Mitsubishi Pajero cost you?

Knowing how much the Mitsubishi Pajero cost will make it possible for you to buy yours! The available models for sale are on Jiji without you expending so much! Meanwhile, the price is going to be largely dependent on the production year and your desired choice!

Acquiring the Tokunbo the Nigerian Used, or a Brand new Mitsubishi Pajero will cost you between #650,000 and #30 million only.

Now you have the deal, jump on it NOW!

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