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What is a GENERATOR (MANTRAC) in Nigeria?

A Generator (Mantrac) is a device that converts the energy of fuel into electrical power. It is different from an alternator in that it only generates the current needed at any particular time, rather than constantly supplying all the necessary current. This means that generators require another source of power to start them working before they can supply electricity.

The Mantrac runs on fuel like gasoline or propane and can be started by pulling a handle which releases compressed air for use for starting up the generator. A Mantac has two parts - internal combustion engine (usually powered with either petrol or diesel) coupled with one or more electric generators. When fuelled with petrol/diesel the internal combustion engine runs about 1600 rpm, once starte, it is now left to idle at less than 600 rpm, and the load (electric generators) power, no longer requiring much or any petrol/diesel as fuel.

The Mantrac comes in different sizes - from small units for supplying electricity to a few houses through to unit which produce several megawatts of electricity and can supply electricity for whole cities.


In Nigeria, generator is a large power generating machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. In order words it can be defined as an electrical device that uses electricity to generate power. It is commonly used in areas where the supply of electricity is unstable or when there are rolling blackouts.

A typical generator has three main parts: a rotating part which is called the rotor, a stationary part which consists of two or more electromagnet coils and a control system that switches on and off at exactly the right time so as to make the electromagnetic field rotate relative to the magnets.

Benefits of buying a GENERATOR (MANTRAC) on

On the marketplace, there are several benefits of buying a generator from local suppliers or manufacturers online. These include:

• Cheap price- because you are dealing with factories directly, they will give you an opportunity to negotiate for cheap prices on your purchase;

• Environmental- it is cheaper to run generators than building power plant stations;

• Convenience- apart from saving time by locating everything you need in one place (Jiji), shopping can be done anytime and anywhere without having to move an inch;

• Savings - save cost of transport since goods can be delivered right at your doorstep; • Warranty – some sellers offer upto 5 years warranty on their products which ensures that any item purchased is of high quality.

Reasons why you should buy a GENERATOR (MANTRAC) on

1. It helps save time and money by locating all items needed for your project or business under one roof

2. You can find reliable suppliers who are willing to negotiate on prices so as to give you bigger savings

3. Get an opportunity to interact with suppliers online, ask questions about their product/services, learn more about them before making a purchase decision

4. Sellers offer warranties up to 5 years enabling customers have peace of mind knowing that they are buying quality products from reputable sellers

5. Buyers can sell surplus stock on the platform at good rates

6a) The Jiji app allows buyers or sellers located in different parts of Nigeria or other countries easily conduct transactions using local currency

6b) The jiji app enables customers from other geographical locations to access products on the platform

7. Jiji is a one-stop destination for buyers or sellers who need items ranging from generators, laptops, phones and many more

8. Sellers provide free shipping on most of their products which saves cost for buyers

9. Customers can pay online through debit/credit card or via direct bank transfer into seller's account

10. You can request for return if you feel that what you purchased is not up to your expectations

11. The website and mobile app are user friendly which makes browsing easy and simple

12. It provides an opportunity for both local buyers and suppliers to reach global markets

How do I maintain a GENERATOR (MANTRAC) in Nigeria?

Maintaining a generator in Nigeria is important because it ensures that you get the best service from your machine. Without proper maintenance, generators may break down without notice which means there will be no power supply when needed most

A few steps to maintaining your generator include:

1. Change oil periodically every 3000 hours of usage;

2. Ensure that water is regularly added into the tank;

3) Get generator serviced once in 3 months; and

4. You can check with manufacturer on how often belts should be replaced and other spare parts like spark plugs and filters which need replacement after use over time


Generators are usually powered by the electricity they produce. However, there are also cellular generators which use small amounts of fuel to generate electricity for their own power needs.

A generator operates using a principle called electromagnetic induction. In this process, a magnetic field is rotated around a two or more electromagnets that forces electrons in one or more coils of wire to create an electric current as it moves over them.