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Permanent faults, blackouts, brownouts are all power outages that wreak havoc onto homes and businesses. They can cut into valuable hours of work and hinder the appliances that keep people safe during periods of severe heat and frigidity. The most disastrous of all is when power outages occur during an electric-powered medical procedure. Never fear, for that’s where electric generators come in.

Why do you need to buy electric generators?

Electric generators are, basically, lifesavers. They are supporting power sources that convert fuel supply into electrical energy. They are the central sources of electrical supply during power outages. They are not permanently installed in one place, unlike standby generators, so they’re easy to start.

Types of Generators

There are three main types of generators: portable, inverter, and standby generators. These generator types should undergo the same maintenance procedure and safety precautions despite their differences to ensure long-term usability and reduce the hazards posed by their operation.

  • Portable Generator: They are powered by gas or diesel fuel and can provide provisional electrical power. Some basic facts about these are;

    • They use combustion engines to conduct electricity.

    • They can be plugged into electrical equipment or tools via their sockets.

    • They can be wired into a facility’s subpanels.

    • They can be used on remote sites.

    • They have enough power to run a television, freezer, and refrigerator.

  • Inverter Generator: This type of generator uses an engine attached to an alternator to produce AC power. Unlike other generators, It also uses a rectifier to convert the AC power into DC power. Some characteristics about them include;

    • They undergo three phases to produce electricity.

    • There is more energy efficiency, as the engine speed adjusts itself according to how much power is needed.

    • Its AC can be set to any voltage and frequency when used with proper equipment.

    • It tends to be little and lightweight.

    • It can fit into a car, RV, or boat.

  • Standby Generator: A standby generator is a piece of electrical equipment that regulates with an automatic transfer switch that directs it to power a device up during power outages. Some characteristics about them are;

    • They operate automatically.

    • They deliver permanent power protection.

    • They sense the power loss within seconds and boost electricity, so that power loss is felt very briefly.

    • They execute automatic weekly self-tests to see that it is appropriately reacting to a power loss.

    • It is constantly monitoring utility power.

    • They can be used in safety systems for elevators, standby lighting, medical and life support equipment, and fire protection systems.

Best use of the different generator types

Generator type



Portable generator

Refrigerators, spray gun systems, nail guns

  • Honda EU2200i.

  • WEN 56200i.

  • DuroMax XP12000EH.

  • Champion 3400-Watt

Inverter generator

Car batteries, laptops

  • A-iPower SUA2000iV.

  • Pulsar PG2000iS.

Standby generator

Emergency settings, hospital machinery

  • Generac 10 kW Guardian Series.

  • Generac PowerPact.

  • Cummins 13 kW QuantConnect.

How do you get yours?

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