Electrical Hand Tools in Nigeria


Electrical hand tools are engaged in a wide-ranging field of devices. There are a vast number of these hand tools as there are numerous processes involved in their manufacturing. Besides, persons who work in the manufacture of batteries, electric cables, electric lamps, etc., do need this equipment for their jobs.

Electric power equipment is a must-have, especially for handymen and electricians. Their importance cuts across several industries and areas as this equipment directly affects electricians' work output, affecting areas they work on, including your home.

Some electrical hand tools




Stayer Mitre Saw and Table Saw

  • Disc size-250 x 30 mm

  • Power-1800W

  • No-load speed-4200 rpm

  • Disc diameter-250 mm

  • Weight-15 Kg.

To cut in different angles.

Pillar drilling machine

  • Drilling Capacity (in Steel)-19 mm

  • Column Diameter-74.35 mm

  • Spindle Center to back distance-200 mm

  • Spindle nose to table distance-405 mm

To cut holes of different diameters in a range of materials.

Circuit analyzer

  • Relative Humidity-32°F to 122°F

  • Storage Environment-32°F to 122°F

  • Altitude-6561.7 ft (2000m)

To determine an immediate connection.

Types of electrical equipment

Are you a contractor or hiring an electrician working in the world of commercial construction? Then you most certainly are dependent on certain types of power equipment to get your job done. They are vital for a few different reasons:

  • To avoid project disruption by not being able to work productively

  • Guarantee safety on specific projects

  • Prevent the additional costs/dissatisfied customers that come with project uncertainties and delays.

So, having these points in mind, here are a few electrical hand tools and equipment to put to use when gathering your kits for your next job:

  • Wire strippers are essentially used to remove the insulating outer sheath from cables to attach terminals or connectors to the central core via crimping or soldering. They come in various types, including Adjustable, Triple action wire, Wire stripper pliers, Sheath strippers, etc.

  • Pliers are one of the essential equipment for electricians. It has several types, including tongue-and-groove pliers, needle nose pliers, etc. They are used for twisting, bending or straightening, cutting, and gripping wires.

  • Circuit analyzers are digital handheld electrician equipment that helps provide timely information about a circuit connected to an outlet. It gives information about polarity, voltage, etc.

  • A non-contact voltage tester is another valuable tool used to check and ensure no voltage in a power component.

  • A masking tape is necessary for insulating wires and other components where electricity can pass. Usually made of fiberglass cloth, plastic, or vinyl, it impedes current from flowing to other cables in an accident and helps in safety.

Why should you buy one?

Undoubtedly, electricity is a potent energy source used for powering machinery, lighting items, equipment, devices, and other products used by us in our day-to-day lives.

However, this same electricity can cause severe injuries when handled carelessly. This is the ultimate reason people who work in the industry have to use this equipment for safety and improved productivity.

How do you get yours?

If you would like to buy any of the above electrical hand tools in Nigeria, there are several ways to get the perfect one that suits your needs. However, to avoid falling for scams or overpay, you can check out different specs and models that might interest you from those available for sale on Jiji.

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