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Only a few people know that there is a slight difference between the travel and tourism industries. To travel involves moving from one place to another, be it short or long-distance journeys. The industry thus provides services that meet the needs of travellers.

On the other hand, tourism refers to travelling for relaxation, fun, business, or education. It is usually to a different environment with a specific goal for not less than the complete hours in a day. Such a person must also spend at least a night and not more than a year.

The tourism industry is meant to provide the services intended to meet the overall needs of tourists.

In meeting these needs, there are various travel and tourism jobs in the different sections of the industry. They include those services rendered in form of accommodation, feeding, transportation, and entertainment.

Accommodation: While on a journey, tourists and travellers can spend a night at least or for more extended periods. This sector of the industry makes provisions for hostels, campsites, beds, hotels, etc.

Feeding: This sector provides food at tourist sites in restaurants, bars, cafés, nightclubs, etc.

Transportation: This involves conveying tourists or travellers to different places in the place of visit. Companies under this sector involve rail companies (that provides travelling by rail), aircraft companies that help tourists journey all through their destinations via flights, water transportation, road trips, etc.

Entertainment: It involves sectors in shopping and those that help tourists gain information about the place of visit. It is to make the course of travelling and going on these trips attractive and value-packed.

List of careers available in this industry

Hotel managers: This set of people are meant to oversee the day-to-day activities of the hotel where travellers lodge. They are also responsible for tackling feasible problems that may ensue, and carry out general hotel maintenance. They also act as budget providers, marketing personnel, and stocking necessary materials where needed.

Travel Agents: Online agents especially have the opportunity to get grabbing jobs from their colleagues offline. The advantage they have to themselves is that they can work anywhere they deem fit based on how comfortable it is with their instruments once they have a stable service provider source.

Spa managers: They are responsible for the provision of spa services in hotels, handles the aspect of health maintenance, and other business duties like record keeping, monitoring inventories, marketing, and training other members.

Tour operator: They provide accounts or records of different journeys while pushing them forward into recent trends. They also present travellers with a guidebook on their journey or destinations. These people can combine the fun of being on these tours and still ensure they hand over trip packages.

Prospects of travel and tourism jobs must have several qualities in them. Some of the most relevant ones include:

  • Patience

  • Hospitality

  • Good communication skills

  • High regard for customer service and safety.

  • Stable health condition status.

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