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All employment needs a unique skill set. However, that doesn't always imply that everybody has the right skills and prerequisites for the position.

Because some people lack the necessary skills required for an advanced career position, they lose out on those opportunities. Likewise, others who do not have prior experience or degrees are selected over those with years of experience.

Since the world now makes everyone want office work, the primary professions are becoming more problematic to fill. Aside from that, the prerequisites may not seem promising compared to the low wage received as workers, so individuals avoid the basic jobs.

Categories of other jobs in Nigeria

There are three categories. They include skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled types.

What are skilled jobs?

This pertains to labour that employs a particular proportion of training or skills. This kind of occupation is carried out by electricians, administrative assistants, doctors, plumbers, etc. Workers in this category are professionals that do blue-collar or white-collar. They require a set of working skills to carry out their employment responsibilities effectively.

It usually implies that these workers have gone through professional training and have a degree as proof. As a result of this training, they are paid a generally high amount, with more responsibility than the unskilled category.

Three types of skills these professions are to exhibit include:

  1. Foundation skills, which are the footing skills. They pave the way for additional skills, training, and operations.

  2. Transferable skills are those modified from various industries and settings. They are pretty essential to have.

  3. Technical and vocational skills that involve an ability to carry out specific duties

What are semi-skilled jobs?

Progressive training is not a prerequisite for a semi-skilled career type. However, it does expect more skills than an unskilled one.

Individuals who work in this category don't require a college degree but have credentials above high school certification. Skills in his class are transferable and not difficult to acquire but may include carrying out repetitive tasks. Examples include; truck drivers, retail salespersons, bartenders, flight attendants, taxi drivers, waiters, and security guards.

Unskilled professions

Unskilled professions refer to the works done by individuals who have no special skills and no conventional education. This category features pretty easy occupations except for those in the construction field that is physically demanding.

These days there are only a handful of unskilled occupations as virtually all disciplines now require some form of knowledge. Examples of unskilled labour include a housekeeper, fast-food workers, grocery clerks, parking lot attendants, etc.

Skilled vs unskilled professions

The fundamental discrepancy between these two categories of work is the certainty that skilled positions mandate specialized training whereas unskilled positions do not.

Also, because of the numerous technological and specialized improvements in place today, skilled occupations are more in demand than professions in the unskilled category. As a result of this, countless unskilled career workers are deciding to gain technological and specialized skills to apply for positions in the skilled position category.

Lastly, individuals who do skilled jobs are usually paid more than those who work in the unskilled categories. This is due to the background, education, skills, and training that has been invested in acquiring those skills.

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