Store Equipment in Nigeria


All fixtures, machinery, furniture, and tools, including but not limited to walk-in coolers, counters, and any other fixtures necessary for operating a supply shop, are referred to as store equipment. You can find these apparatuses in Nigeria mainly in offices, shops, homes, and other business buildings.

Examples include refrigerator, turntable stand, show glass, shelf (supermarket shelves), rack (warehouse rack), bill counting machine, trolley, weighing scales, cloth display stand, etc.

Advantages of buying store equipment

  • Racks

  • Storage Racks Save Space – The most significant advantage of storage racks is that they save space. Because of how they’re built, firms can use the vertical space instead of the floor area for storage. Any organization can use storage racking systems to keep products vertically, organize them, and take them down as needed.

  • Accessibility - The heavy-duty shelves are put up so that stockpiled items are accessible from both ends and sides. And this is critical for businesses since it boosts productivity and reduces employee idle time.

  • Storage racking solutions are also highly convenient – If correctly set up and used, they can be pretty effective. Heavy-duty shelves are specifically developed to assist businesses in storing more products, increase safety, and complete duties more quickly and efficiently.

  • Display Fridge/Coolers

  • Food preservation

  • Cooling

  • Great for branding and advertisement

  • It is efficient

  • Bill Counting Machine

  • Saves time

  • It helps you achieve accuracy in counting

  • Easy operation

  • Convenience

  • Fake note detection

Who should buy them?

If you are looking to own a boutique or have one already, then you sure need them. And if you have or work in an office, a supermarket, a warehouse, an eatery, you should be looking to buy any of the store furniture available for sale on Jiji.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining your tools cannot be overlooked if you intend to make the most out of the money you spent on purchasing them. For electrical devices, you want to make sure they are connected to a good electric voltage supply. You can do this by connecting your appliances to a good stabilizer. After which, the stabilizer can be plugged into the power source. This is to avoid power surge disasters.

Your shelves or racks need to also have their screw points or joints checked to make sure they are firmly held in place. The last thing you want to see happen is your shelves breaking down while your customers are checking out your items.

Other maintenance that you can carry out includes routine maintenance and complete replacement where necessary.

On Jiji, we have lots of store equipment available for sale from several suppliers across the country. You can head on to Jiji to choose from the many existing options and enjoy the reasonable rates NOW!

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