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Stationery means pens, paper, envelopes, pencils, and other things used for writing. Even though the first known version dates from 1727, it is likely to have first appeared in the mid-1600s. It comes from the word 'stationer,' which refers to a vendor of books and paper.

The word comes from the Middle English and Anglo-Norman words "estacioun" and "estation," which both imply "post" or "position." With the birth of the technology age, stationery has extended to include printers, where it previously only referred to handwritten materials.

While it became increasingly popular as literacy rates increased, much of this growth was due to its perception as a mark of proper manners and social standing. It became associated with upper-class etiquette, particularly during the Victorian era.

Despite the ease and low cost of the many alternatives offered by technological advancement, writing materials have become somewhat overshadowed by the digital age's rise. However, the traditions of handwritten formalities have persisted in some forms.





Business card, letterhead, invoice, receipts

Desktop Instruments

Hole punch, stapler and staples, tape and tape dispensers

Drawing Instruments

Brushes, color pencils, crayons, watercolor


Ink and Toner

Dot matrix, Inkjet, and laserjet printers

Filing and storage

Expandable file, file folder, hanging file folder, index cards, and files

Mailing and shipping


Paper and pad

Notebook, wire bound, notebook, writing pad, office paper

Writing Instruments

Ballpoint pen, fountain pen, pencil, porous point pen, rollerball pen, and highlighter

Who is this for?

If you are a student, an office employee, an artist, or an architect, then stationeries are helpful. They are available for sale on Jiji to check out and buy.

Advantages of getting stationeries

  • Branding options: Office products offer unique branding chances for your company. You may customize letterhead, envelopes, and cards with your company logo and branding pictures. In addition, you can brand your pens, pencils, cases, erasers, and a variety of other items with your logo, professional contacts, addresses, and other important information. These things can be used for internal communications and freebies to customers, clients and as souvenirs to event participants.

  • Professionalism: The quality of your office supplies might reflect your company's professionalism and attention to detail. Customers and clients will notice that you care about your business and are prepared to give exceptional services if you use high-quality, custom-branded stationeries and office supplies. Letters and other mail printed on high-quality paper and packaged in high-quality envelopes with your logo will create a powerful impression on recipients, especially when compared to low-cost alternatives.

  • Efficiency: Many company tasks necessitate a consistent and dependable supply of stationery and office supplies. As a result, business owners must prioritize maintaining their inventory to ensure smooth operations. Failure to prioritize them might cause specific processes to come to a halt, or at the very least, become inefficient.

So if you are considering buying stationeries for either personal or official use, you can head on to Jiji and choose from the available options NOW!

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