Commercial Equipment & Tools in Nigeria

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Every business has to think about the types of amenities their facility requires for their employees to work effectively. This helps in organizing office-related work and makes day-to-day assignments run smoothly.

Commercial equipment and tools are usually neglected, but they are very crucial. For every employee to work productively and efficiently, the right and necessary kits should be available. This will make your business image improve, and your employees will benefit from the quality supplies. The proper office setup will also send out a positive message to clients and partners.

Basic supplies include furniture, business printers, collaboration tools, telephone systems, kitchen supplies (such as a coffee machine), etc. Of course, a strong and good internet connection is vital. Without a good quality internet connection, your business won’t be able to use certain telephone systems.

Many suppliers in Nigeria put different commercial equipment up for sale on Jiji, a trusted and recommended marketplace. Based on the company and its requirements, there are options to buy, rent or lease some of these supplies. Having the proper office supply will make your business space look more professional, and the daily work routine will work smoothly.

Why you should consider buying commercial equipment

There are several advantages to getting your office permanently. It means:

  • The asset entirely belongs to you, except you used it as security for a loan.

  • You can boycott long-term agreements in your business which may be pretty tough to end.

  • Get to pay less altogether than you would through a lease or hire purchase agreement.


  • Your business becomes more agile and responsive as you invest in new equipment, as well as leading-edge technologies

  • It positions your business to meet the shifting preferences and necessities of customers and end-users.

  • New supplies also help small businesses gain new customers and markets and offer new products and services.

Generally, investing in the different supplies for your business gives you;

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

  • Improved safety and security

  • Ownership rights and a sense of satisfaction

  • Advantage of tax incentives

  • Continual competitiveness

  • Increased access to vendor support and warranties

List of commercial equipment and tools

No office is complete without commercial supplies. This is factual for both rosy small businesses and comfy home offices. Some fundamental supplies like paper, pens, scissors, computers, water dispenses, and coffee machines are typically found in most offices.

To get your daily business running without hassles, here’s a list of vital office supplies you need for your business;

  1. Writing tools that cover your scribbling needs including pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, sharpeners, and erasers

  2. Grouping tools including stapler, staples, stapler remover, rubber bands, and paper clips

  3. Paper shredder for destroying sensitive office documents and getting rid of waste paper

  4. Planner to keep track of all work-related deadlines, to-do, lists, and appointments

  5. Files and Folders to organize and store essential documents neatly

  6. Computers – Desktop and laptops for working alone or teaming up

  7. Printer to fulfill all printing processes in your office

  8. Broadband and Wi-Fi to connect staff, increasing collaboration levels

How do you buy yours?

If you would like to jump on the best commercial equipment and tools supplies for your office, there are several ways to lay your hands on them in Nigeria. However, in order not to fall for scams or overpay, you can check out different brands of products that might interest you from those available for sale on Jiji.

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