Stage Lighting & Effects in Nigeria


An event or show needs to be colorful, not just in the rare sense alone but also in the overall physical experience. This is because it accounts for the excitingly pleasant memories and unique experiences to be created. That validates the need for stage lights to illuminate an auditorium. It could take the aura of an average performance to unexpected heights.

Application of stage lighting and effects products involves combining lights and other types of equipment that are technologically inclined in this regard creatively to place a unique look on the center scene.

The intriguing scene created alongside the illumination involves a series of colors incorporated and changing in time with the music, especially when the music turns parts from the verse to the chorus and bridges. It involves different styles of light, which include front lights that are the primary source of illumination to the event, and intended to reduce shadows.

Side illumination for acting or performance reveals certain parts of the body. They are high sidelights mounted on the showroom's 30-60 degree angles to display the upper part of all the attendee's bodies.

The elbows, top of the head, middle chest, legs are likely to be made prominent, and it helps to hide any clumsy facial expression. It could also be mounted on the high-sided right and high-sided left to create full effects on the performance actors—downlighting for proper illumination and exposure during shows.

Light instruments are not only used in showrooms, and they can be applied in concerts, film production, photographic studios, corporate events, and other live shows.

Stage lighting products setup

Beam projector: It encompasses colors like red, green, blue, and other colors combined to create new ones for uniqueness and illumination. It can be positioned on a stand or at the ceiling of the event.

It comes in a package with a remote control system to control the beam, turn it on or off, and even adjust settings you already have set in. With it, you can control the color of the lights with a change in sound to suit the effects you want to have during performances.

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Haze machines: They are not lights but are very necessary because, without fogs, light beams will not be visible. It is essential for the proper light display. This product can also be bought on Jiji at an affordable price.

Other light instruments include champagne light, eyes bar laser, cob light, fog smoke stage light, light stand, led dance floor can be bought on Jiji. We sell all of these goods over there.

Nifty part of incorporating stage lighting and effects products to your events

One of the importance is creating a long-lasting memory in the audience's mind, enhancing their experience, harboring unusual success move. The essence of the illumination effect is to add flourish and flavor to the event.

It also helps direct the audience's focus on particular scenes of the show while distracting them from another. It also defines people's mood and set the tone of the scenery with the combination of the colors.

Light designs also allow the audience to vividly view whatever is going on on the podium as it will be regarded as a waste of time when they cannot see the actors. It helps to reveal forms, positions in time and space as well. In addition, they help to portray the environment in which the action takes place.

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