Safetywear & Equipment in Nigeria


Every worker deserves to experience quality protection while working, especially for jobs that bear many risks, so safety wears are an essential aspect of working. These wears guarantee 100% protection from harmful incidents in the process of working.

Although most business owners do not attach importance to the usage of safetywear and equipment, they are crucial in everyday working. To guarantee your employee’s safety, you should make provision for these kits, as nobody will like to put their life on the line, all in the name of working.

When employees are not deprived of necessities, they tend to work harder with joy in their hearts. Basic kits include face shields, anti-cut hand gloves, taser gadgets, bulletproof vests, to mention a few.

Many suppliers in Nigeria have put different safety kits for sale on Jiji, your number one tested and trusted online marketplace. Possessing quality and original kits will boost your company’s image and also yield productivity.

Let’s get you acquainted with some of the basics of getting protective gears available in your workplace!

Why should you think of buying safetywear and equipment?

There are various benefits you derive from getting your employees protective gear. They include:

  • Your employees would not be exposed to bacteria, and therefore, making them immune from diseases. And should they get exposed to it, the wear reduces the risk of contracting such diseases.

  • It helps to prevent the spread of germs from one person to another.

  • It could even promote your company’s brand because the attractive uniform can be an ideal option for advertisements. This will allow you to reach out to a vast number of potential customers because they can quickly identify the employees of an organization by the uniforms.

In addition,

  • It will help retain employees in that when they feel safe, protected, and happy to work. And once they are excited, they do the job with passion, which will also yield high productivity.

  • There will be fewer casualties in the workplace.

  • It can also prevent injuries to the eyes. Safety glasses essentially help to avoid substances or materials from getting into the eyes.

List of safetywear and equipment in Nigeria

A dangerous job cannot thrive without protective wear and kits. Some essential supplies like safety coveralls and kits like face shields, bulletproof vests for security operatives, etc., are majorly found in workplaces.

To stay protected and keep your employees protected, here is a list of crucial protective gear you need for the smooth running of your business:

  • Safety coverall that covers the body from up-down and protects workers from sustaining body injuries

  • Face shield: this prevents workers from taking dust into your eyes and nose while working. It is also lightweight so that you can wear it for long periods.

  • Anti-cut hand gloves are stronger than leather hand gloves. It is excellent for cutting, and it is also breathable. So you don’t sweat on your hands while working for long hours.

  • Road dividers: They are used to steer traffic.

  • Safety glasses that prevent corrosive substances from entering the eyes.

Others include:

  • Bulletproof vests

  • Pepper spray

  • Fire alarm control panel

How can you get yours?

Suppose you are already thinking of getting safetywear and equipment for your organization. In that case, there are several places you can buy them, but to avoid falling into the hands of scammers, you can visit Jiji to check out the different brands of products that are up for sale.

Check them out and get yours NOW!

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