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As a quality control and assurance officer in Nigeria, being able to interpret, review shop drawings, inspect complete work or work in progress to determine whether they meet the specification and plan requirements is highly essential.

Aside from your abilities to carry out these responsibilities, presenting your qualifications or required skills in your very detailed and professional curriculum vitae gives you the needed leap to carry out your duty as a quality officer in a suitable institution or company. Of course, that comes with having a tailored quality control and assurance CV.

What you should have in your tailored curriculum vitae

Your quality control and assurance CV helps you pass across the necessary information that companies need to know about you. It allows the company or institute to see why you are the best candidate for the job. These, of course, should be communicated in a professional manner and in a way that they feel compelled to buy all you offer in experience and skills.

Here are some of the things that your tailored-fit curriculum vitae should entail;

  • Contact Information: These include your home address, full name, professional title, email address, phone number, and, advisably, your LinkedIn profile.

  • Personal Statement: This should be as brief as possible and provide an overview of your skill and qualification and explain why you are suitable for the position.

  • Professional experience: This should entail details about your job involvement, either past or present.

  • Academic History: This includes information about your education, such as degree, institution name, graduation year, and sub-honors.

  • Key Skills and Qualifications: This section should contain all professional skills you have developed that match the job description.

  • Additional Section: This can contain any activity that you have participated in and can be relevant in the quality control and assurance CV but does not fit into the skill and qualification. This section may include industry awards, professional certification, publications, professional affiliation, conferences attended, and other additional training.

Some difficulties faced in writing such tailored curriculum vitae

Several people tend to face challenges in writing their standard and professional quality control and assurance CV due to the following reasons;

  • Poor Writing Skill: Not everyone can present the information in their head well in writing which makes them struggle a little in delivering the perfect expression in writing. That makes Jiji an excellent choice, as you can check out your options on the platform.

  • Non-availability of technology gadget: Technology gadgets makes writing editing of information very easy. For example, Laptops are one of the easiest and flexible gadgets to use in writing and editing. A potential job candidate who does not have one can face a lot of frustration while pitching himself on paper.

Now that you know the essential needs of a tailored and professional curriculum vitae that will give you a massive boost as you move ahead in your job search, there’s more you can enjoy. You can ease through some of the difficulties by hiring professionals that will write a standard and professional curriculum vitae for you from the several options available on Jiji.

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