Research & Survey CVs in Nigeria


What are research and survey?

It is a form of an examination conducted through a number of mediums. It collects data collated by asking people questions via paper, physically, online, or mobile phones. Carrying out a study is one of the excellent methods to conduct an adequate inquiry into any subject matter.

The reviews and investigations collate opinions, feelings, and beliefs of individuals selected from demographic samplings like ethnicity, age, and gender.

Most times, an investigation is done through questionnaires and interviews where multiple questions will be asked. They can be used in government realms, for academic purposes as well as for business.

What does a researcher do?

Working as a research and survey personnel is exciting and fun as you will be exposed to loads of exciting information. As an investigator, you are basically interested in assisting your organization in understanding its target audience and customers better. And this is done by collating data on the likes, dislikes, and preferences of their audience.

Besides, you can help in the sales of your company’s products. You supply adequate information on what product and services people desire, which medium is best used for advertising their products, and what price they should go for.

Even in the government realm, public inquiry and data collection are helpful as they help gauge public opinion regarding governmental candidates or reactions to government policies.

Relevance of research and survey

It is one of the most authentic methods of getting your project or exploration work done, as it helps you gather reliable and accurate data.

It also gives you an insight into what people’s preferences are and what respondents’ behavior looks like, which is cogent in any systematic investigation.

It is also one of the easiest ways to build an interactive conversation with respondents as it makes it easier for them to express their thoughts and experiences.

Where can you work?

As a person who is interested in conducting studies, you can work in:

  • Polling organizations

  • Market examination companies

  • Corporate organizations

  • Business associations

  • Political consulting companies

  • Municipal, state, and federal government departments

  • Non-profit survey firms

  • Advertising and marketing agencies

  • Management consulting firms.

Are you looking for a space in the industry? This is for you!

If you are an expert looking for where to fit in, you must know that creating a standard and attractive research and survey CV will boost your chances of getting a job. If you are just in the business, you aren’t left out, as your curriculum vitae is the key to your dream job.

Your career summary goes on a long way in your curriculum vitae as you will need to include the most prominent aspects of your specialization, the series of investigation findings you’ve done, years of experience, competencies, and your outstanding achievements.

The overview of your educational history should also be included, especially in reverse chronological order, starting from your most recent qualification to the least. You can as well include the notable achievement you’ve achieved during your school days.

You can as well include all other employment experiences you’ve had in your CV. You can talk about how you have taken charge of specific roles in different companies and start how versatile you can be.

Besides, you must add the skills you possess, such as communication skills and other skills like grant writing, productivity application software you use, documentation management, etc.

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