Restaurant & Bar CVs in Nigeria

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A restaurant is a relaxed and serene environment where you get to eat, relax and hang out with friends and acquaintances. Most eateries usually have a bar in them where sorts of drinks are sold and served.

Foods of different kinds, local dishes, continentals, junks, and healthy dishes are only offered in a cafeteria. However, you can get drinks, alcohol, soft drinks, cocktails, and mocktails in an accompanying inn.

Owning an eatery is easy, but managing one can be tedious, and this is why there are always vacancies at any restaurant and bar because there is always more to do, and more hands are always needed. They provide other services like delivery, outdoor cooking, and the likes.

There are countless eateries and inns in Nigeria, and this has made job opportunities available as well. As much as the jobs are always open, getting in can be daunting. However, working in one of them is something you will find very tasking but interesting.

Perks for working in a restaurant and bar

Working in an eatery is not something everyone can do. So you have to keep in mind that it can be challenging. As much as it is, the rewards you get are bountiful. You will benefit and love it there because there is;

  • Flexible schedule: Working in a cafeteria comes in two ways. You either work as a full-time or a part-time worker. If you are focused on building a career in this industry, you can operate fully, but you can work part-time if you need a side hustle. This will even enable you to have more than just one stream of income.

  • Exposure to more skills: As a cafeteria staff, you will be exposed to more skills and become more versatile. If you are a cook, you will learn how to set the pace and garnish your dishes. You might even work as a waiter if they have loads of works coming in. The experience you get from this job is valuable as you will learn how to interact and solve interpersonal problems.

  • Tips: Aside from the monthly payment you earn, you are liable to make more than what you signed for from cash tips from clients who find you worthy.

What to look out for in a restaurant and bar CVs?

  • Give a detailed professional summary statement.

  • Your personal information is as well needed

  • Your work experiences and as well add notable achievement you’ve made if any

  • Educational history with accurate dates stated.

These are needed for a basic resume, but if your after getting a job and standing out in this industry, your CVs might as well include;

  • Your customer service skills, as this is essential

  • It will help if you do not forget to exclude the soft skills you have, such as timeliness, flexibility, dependability, and the rest.

  • When giving your experiences, provide relevant and detailed but concise experience with pertinent contributions you played in that organization.

  • Apart from academic qualifications, you must include other training you have undertaken related to the restaurant and bar industry. You can as well add certifications from first aid courses, health, and other safety-related courses.

  • Spice it up with your attributes. You can include how valuable you can be, how honest and committed you are as a person. Include your communication confidence and how well articulated you are.

  • Your creative level should be included, and how good you can be with ideas.

  • You should also add references and recommendations to your CVs. Ask people who are confident and know about what you do to write an overview about you.

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