Part-Time & Weekend Jobs in Nigeria

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Do you need someone to assist you for a couple of hours a week, or want to take on additional work to fund your new investment? If so, you would probably come across freelance positions at some juncture in your small business needs.

But what are freelance careers? Are there any differences in the benefits that casual employees and full-time employees enjoy?

The simple answer is yes. A freelance opening entails fewer working periods in a week than a full-time one and are mostly weekend jobs. Usually, casual works involve working in rotational shifts.

Part-time versus full time

Both employers and employees frequently think about the differences between the workflow of temporary and full-time positions.

One primary characteristic that distinguishes them is the period workers have. While full-time employees are expected to work the entire day or ideally 40 hours a week in developed countries, casual employees work on shifts periods, usually during the morning hours, evening hours, weekends or less than 40 hours a week.

Temporary workers are not usually entitled to the same benefits and privileges that full-time workers enjoy, such as specific insurance, time off, or other advantages, such as education assistance.

However, most casual workers qualify for overtime pay if they work more than the designated time frame. In contrast, many full-time workers are salaried and do not earn overtime pay even when they work well beyond the specified time limit.

Who can do part-time jobs?

Casual positions are suitable for various individuals. They may range from students, parents, retirees who want to aid their pension to individuals who wish to finance themselves while they follow their passion.

Others who are best suited for these openings are persons who don’t prefer a full-time career or can’t afford the commitment a full-time position expects of them. It may serve as an opportunity to gain more experience in the profession.

Perks of doing part-time and weekend jobs

While temporary employees don’t get to enjoy the same benefits as full-time employees, they are entitled to the following privileges:

  • They have similar wage rates, with sick pay and parental leave inclusive.

  • They may also enjoy the same pension privileges as full-time employees.

  • They have the same holiday rights as full-time workers.

  • They enjoy identical training and career prospects.

  • They are also considered equally for promotions, transfers, or layoffs.

  • They also have the chance of a career break.

It is also worth knowing that depending on the employer, how these benefits apply may vary.

Certain cases have added benefits if you work freelance, especially if the boot is on the other foot. Some of those benefits include:

  • Income backing or jobseeker’s compensation

  • Pension credit, council tax assistance, and housing benefit are also entitlements not minding if you’re a casual or full-time worker.

  • Some companies may provide other special entitlements and benefits to freelance workers, so take a look at your employee handbook or ask.

  • Freelancers and startups should bear in mind that their government benefits will be affected by your total income.

Different part-time and weekend jobs in Nigeria

There are several of these positions in Nigeria, and Jiji is a recommended site to source and put in for such openings. Some of the positions include:

  • Freelance Lecturing

  • Marketing

  • Digital Affiliate Marketer

  • Brand Distributors

  • Tailoring

  • Salesperson

  • Receptionist

  • Bartenders

  • Acting

  • Content Writer

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