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What is an office job?

It is any form of employment that requires you to work in a workplace environment. As part of workplace staff, the bulk of your work takes place at your desk on a computer or over the phone. The rest involves meetings and group collaboration around conference tables.

Depending on your skills and education status, you can find an office job as a receptionist, secretary, clerk, administrative assistant, customer service representative, workplace manager, marketer, software engineer, accountant, insurance examiner, and much more.

As an assistant, you manage general workplace responsibilities to make sure company processes run seamlessly and without any hassle. Their job description involves clerical duties, including, but not limited to;

  • Mailing and filing correspondence.

  • Organizing payrolls, placing orders, and answering calls.

  • Interacting with clients, visitors, and vendors.

  • Sorting and distributing incoming mail.

  • Organizing meetings by reserving rooms and managing refreshments.

  • Typing emails, meeting notes, and forms, among other documents.

  • Photocopying, scanning, and filing appropriate documents.

  • Assisting with organizing events when necessary

  • Conducting research and compiling data.

  • Maintaining financial database records

  • Maintaining stock of supplies by anticipating work requirements, ordering supplies, and distributing supplies where necessary.

  • Answering customer questions and confirms customer orders

  • Engaging in educational opportunities as needed

  • Performing additional duties when required, including drafting brochures and organizing the filing system

Office jobs also require skills and qualifications like:

  • Previous experience in a related preferred field.

  • Outstanding customer care skills.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Ability to maintain a strict level of confidence.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft office packages and programs;

  • Attention to detail.

  • Exceptional typing skills.

  • Strong problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Ability to work alone or as part of a team.

  • Knowledge of basic workplace management procedures.

Perks from doing an office job?

The advantages of working in a workplace include:

  1. You learn and enjoy time management as offices usually have fixed hours for work, lunch, and break.

  2. You build behavioral and interpersonal skills as you find yourself surrounded by a group of people.

  3. You become more experienced and diplomatic as you learn something new regularly.

  4. You become creative as you build new ideas and expand your knowledge.

  5. It also aids in boosting your understanding of the company, especially if you are planning to work there for a very long period.

  6. It becomes easier to speak to seniors and other employees.

  7. It helps you understand the business better as you learn how business transactions are handled, their management, and the strategies used to run the company in the most productive manner.

  8. You also benefit from networking as there are plenty of opportunities to meet more people.

  9. You get your own space and some privacy.

Different jobs you can apply for

  • Auditing and Accounting

  • Receptionist and Scheduler

  • Medical Worker

  • General Clerk

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Drafting and Design Technician

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Insurance Agent and Examiner

  • Receptionist

  • Workplace Manager

  • Call Center

  • Medical Receptionist

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