Medical Supplies & Equipment in Nigeria


Medical supplies and equipment are usually found and used in health, dental, hospital, pharmacy, and clinical laboratories. They vary from simple plasters, tongue depressors, and syringes to intricate diagnostic kits and devices.

Hospitals should be prepared for anything that might come through the doors and thus, keeping critical pieces of medical equipment on-hand at all times is so essential to provide extensive care.

In order to provide thorough medical procedures for patients, there is a standard set of equipment and supplies that all hospitals should have available. They can often be modernized or even new, which allows the hospital to afford to carry budgets for these key pieces.

Medical supplies have been pointed out as a substantial expense in most healthcare organizations' budgets, second only to staffing. Regulating a hospital's supply chain is a highly complex task, with inefficiencies at every step of the process. Lessening the expense of supplies is a top prerogative for executives of healthcare organizations.

Medical supply chain managers are tasked with formulating purchasing conclusions very carefully. They assess the necessity for supplies, specify what is needed, evaluate options, and plan for the products they select.

What are medical supplies and equipment?

Medical supplies mean elements that are acceptable for use in a healthcare facility or at home. They are usually disposable or semi-disposable and are non-reusable. They are items or devices of such a nature that do not allow being used repeatedly and are generally used by a person for a particular medical purpose.

This category encompasses such items as blood sugar test strips (for diabetes), incontinence products (catheters, disposable undergarments), bandages, and protective gloves.

As the name suggests, "medical equipment" is designed for long-term use. The category encompasses a variety of equipment such as hospital beds; mobility aids (walkers, scooters, wheelchairs); personal care aids (bath chairs, commodes, dressing aids); prostheses (artificial limbs); orthotics (therapeutic footwear); oxygen concentrators, and other items.

Perks from having quality medical supplies and equipment

In the medical field, supplies and equipment play an extremely crucial role in the patient's diagnostics, monitoring, and medical procedure. These devices and supplies are produced with accuracy and are established based on some of the most rigid medical standards.

Some medical equipment, such as a wheelchair, comes in very helpful in your homes, particularly if you have family members or the aged with restricted mobility living with you. As they sometimes encounter changes in their health conditions, it is good to have readily accessible medical equipment.

Below are some perks to having them in your home;

  • It makes your life as a guardian a lot easier

  • Helps in the monitoring of persistent disease

  • Can save lives in the event of a medical emergency

  • Increases patient safety

Medical supplies you can buy on Jiji

When it comes to a medical facility or healthcare unit, medical supplies and equipment are some of the most significant things that make sure that the healthcare duties run smoothly. If the hospital runs out of these, there is no way that they will be able to provide good healthcare services to the patient. They may include:

  • First aid box.

  • Infrared thermometer.

  • Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

  • Oxygen concentrator.

  • Collapsible orthopedic wheelchair etc.

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