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Industrial ovens are heated chambers that are used for a number of industrial applications such as drying, curing, or baking components, parts, or finished goods. Industrial ovens come in a variety of temperature ranges, sizes, and configurations, and can be used for large or small volume applications, in batches or constantly with a conveyor line.

Hot water, gas, and electricity are the most popular heat sources for an industrial oven, and these heat sources are frequently supplied into the oven via forced convection. Water passes through radiator coils to emit heat in a hot water heated industrial oven.


The first ovens were discovered in Central Europe around 29,000 BC. They were preparing mammoth by roasting and boiling pits within yurts. They used pits with burning coals coated in ashes in Ukraine from 20,000 BC. The food was wrapped in leaves and placed on top, followed by a layer of soil. Food was cooked in ovens, and bricks were made in them.

In terms of cooking strategy, ovens have recently grown a little more hi-tech. Percy Spencer discovered the microwave as a culinary utensil in 1946, and the microwave oven was invented with the help of engineers. Microwave radiation excites the water molecules in food, causing friction and hence producing heat in the microwave oven.

The following are features and specifications of an industrial oven for sale in Nigeria and you can get on Jiji.


60 Hz


460 and 3 phase

Oven Size Options

20 standard sizes

Primary Body Metal

Aluminized steel

Exhaust Fan CFM Range

380 to 2,400

Exhaust Stack Size Range

7.0” to 13.0”

Burner BTU Range

30,000 to 3,600,000

Maximum Operating Temperature


Recirculation Fan CFM Range

3,200 to 23,600

Exhaust Fan Motor Power Range

0.5 HP to 1.5 HP

Insulation Thickness

Six inches on walls and ceiling

Recirculation Fan Motor Power Range

1.5 HP to 20.0 HP

Internal Dimensions Range (W x H x D)

From 6’ x 6’ x 6’ to 12’ x 12’ x 30’

External Dimensions Range (W x H x D)

From 8’6” x 8’ x 7’5” to 14’6” x 14’ x 31’10”

Common types of industrial ovens

Curing ovens are used to initiate a chemical reaction in a substance after a certain temperature is attained. Powder coating is a frequent application for curing ovens.

Drying ovens are used to remove moisture from a product. Pre-treating and painting are two common applications. Although they do not achieve the same high temperatures as ceramic kilns, these ovens are sometimes referred to as kilns.

Batch ovens, also known as cabinet or Walk-in/Truck-in ovens, are used to cure, dry, or bake small quantities of products utilizing wheeled racks, carts, or trucks. This type of oven is commonly used in large-scale bakeries, such as supermarkets.

Who should buy this product?

The baking industry includes businesses that manufacture, import/wholesale, and sell baked goods such as breads, cakes, pastries, biscuits, and crackers.

One of the most typical pieces of commercial baking equipment is the convection oven. They bake a wide range of items fast and uniformly, from bread loaves to cookies to cakes, pies, and brownies. Internal fans circulate the air, resulting in even browning and repeatable results.

Maintenance for long-term reliability of your oven

Industrial oven maintenance is a powerful tool for protecting your equipment, avoiding costly downtime, and increasing output. For your gas-fired oven, spare parts should be assembled and stored. In addition, schedule frequent oven inspections to verify the following: all safety features, heat source operation, proper part lubrication, oven calibration, and the internal heat profile.

Always unplug your oven when cleaning because it is an electrical equipment that was not designed to handle water or a lot of liquid cleaners; leaving it plugged in puts you at risk of electrocution.

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