Manufacturing Equipment in Nigeria


Manufacturing Equipment refers to all of the Company's machinery, plant, equipment, parts, fixtures, tools, and accessories that are utilized in the manufacture and packaging of goods for sale in the Business.

Simply put, a piece of equipment is a capital investment made by a firm to carry out a specified activity for the organization. In a machine shop, this could be a drill press, or in a repair shop, a car lift. Machinery, hand and power tools, and/or technological apparatus are some other examples.

Brief History

Manufacturing dates back to the 19th century's Industrial Revolution, when raw resources were transformed into completed commodities. During this time, artisans were transformed into wage labourers as human labour technology gave way to machines and chemical production processes.

Manufacturing Equipments you can get on Jiji

Soap Mixer, Blocks/Bricks Moulding Machine, Mixing and Blending Machine, Ice block Machine, Heat Transfer Machine, Pure Water Machine, Nylon Cutting and Sealing Machine, Interlock Bricks Manual and Electric Machine, Automatic Building Blocks Moulding Machine, and Vulcanizer Machine are some of the items available for sale on Jiji.

Material mixing is crucial in many manufacturing processes. Having the appropriate mixer on hand ensures that such activities go off without a hitch. Ribbon mixers, batch compounders, continuous mixers, disperser mixers, double arm mixers, double arm extruders, double cone V mixers, drum tumblers, homogenizer mixers, planetary mixers, paddle mixers, ribbon blenders, and single arm mixers are some of the types of mixers available.

The technical specifications and features of soap mixers for sale in Nigeria are described below.


Liquid Soap Mixer


Cosmetic Making Machine Homogenizer



Machine Type


Barrel Volume (L)


Weight (KG)

1 KG

Additional Capabilities

Agitator type mixer, Centrifuge Mixer




Stainless Steel


Liquid Treatment

Heating method

Agitation Heating

Product name

Homogenizing Emusifying Machine

Where can such products be used?

Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Chemical, Cosmetics, Energy, Mining, and Pharmaceutical industries all require manufacturing equipment. Manufacturing machinery and equipment is a significant subsector of such sales, encompassing many of the supply networks outlined above. Manufacturing equipment is used to make a wide range of products and has uses in all of the industries mentioned.

How to take care of these Equipments

Lubrication is one of the first and most important maintenance checks. Look for evidence of excess oil or grease build-up around pistons, as well as leaks near oil seals, when inspecting your equipment. Schedule frequent lubrication as part of your routine maintenance to keep your machines in good shape. However, be careful when choosing a lubricant because different components require different types of oil and grease to work, and choosing the wrong type can cause more harm than good.

Pressure washers and water cannons are great for removing grease and grime from your equipment. If left untreated, these hazardous materials function as abrasives and friction agents, causing problems in your machinery.

As you clean and maintain your equipment, accurate record-keeping will come in handy. You'll be able to see which machines you've already worked on and which you still need to work on, helping you to efficiently allocate your time. You're more likely to do more work than you need to or ignore machinery you thought you'd already managed if you don't keep track of your progress.

Different kinds of soap mixers, as well as a variety of other manufacturing equipment, are for sale in Nigeria and can be found on Jiji.

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