Manufacturing Jobs in Nigeria

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The number one aim of most job seekers in Nigeria is to get paid while working where their value is appreciated. Therefore, manufacturing jobs can be a great way to earn a living and add value to society in general.

There are a vast number of opportunities in the manufacturing industry. While each one differs in its mode of operations due to the size of the company and the goods being produced, understanding the basics of the job description of what such a job is can help determine the right career path for you.

This article will provide insight into the various career paths associated with manufacturing jobs in Nigeria by starting with the definition.

What Is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing companies use chemical, physical, and mechanical means to create new products from raw materials for consumers to buy.

Production can include several assembly lines through the use of different components. Typically, it exists on a large scale, especially for popular products like computers, cars, phones, food, and beverages.

Smaller operations like wig making, nylon cutting, shoemaking, and other non-standard or custom items are also considered part of manufacturing jobs.

Perks Associated With Working In These Companies

Tasks are based on methods, efficiency, and output in these companies. The following are the advantages of taking up a role in any of this kind of company;

  • Factory work is steady and regular, day in and day out.

  • The routine schedule it provides allows people to be at home for their family during certain times.

  • It is the perfect choice for people that enjoy working with their hands.

  • Manufacturing jobs focus on the skills you have to offer, which means the minimum qualification required for entry-level positions is SSCE.

Jobs In The Manufacturing Industry

Many production jobs are requiring varied skills that depend mainly on the position and the responsibilities involved. Let's take a look at five typical roles found within the manufacturing industry:

Factory worker

A factory worker works on the manufacturing or production process. He or she monitors output, assembles, sorts, checks, and or packs products. It is not surprising to perform a manual task or be trained to oversee multiple production lines.

Factory work can be found in a vast range of industries like candy processing, canning, beverage, dairy processing, leather, petroleum, pharmaceutical industries, computer and electronics, wood, coal, paper and printing, chemicals, rubber, plastics​, etc.

You can check out several offers for factory work on Jiji.

Wig Maker

Wig making is simply sewing hair extensions to a piece of mesh fabric, lace, and several other materials otherwise known as wig caps for users to buy on Jiji. Several wig-making tools like Mannequin, needles, scissors, etc., are used to achieve desired results.

If you have the set skill to create great-looking wigs, you can go on Jiji to apply for several available wig-making jobs.

Shoe Maker

They say good shoes take you places. However, producing a good shoe involves several processes: designing, stamping, sewing, and assembling before it finally lands on a store shelf. As a result, several companies on Jiji are on the lookout for experienced professional shoemakers.

If you are confident enough in your ability to learn and create shoes that will fit customers perfectly, start applying to offers NOW!

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