Manual Labour Jobs in Nigeria

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Manual Labor Jobs


Manual labor jobs are square measure careers that need you to perform physical labor because of the bulk of your tasks. whereas there are several different entry-level manual labour jobs that almost all folks will gain, there also are additional technical positions that need certification or coaching to get started.

How did it begin? (History)

Originally, a house servant was called a maiden, or maid. This was thanks to the actual fact that they lived within the home of their employer and infrequently ever got married. Throughout the Victorian Era, a lot of well-heeled families had entire staffs of housekeepers, cooks, butlers, and drivers. The house servant was generally at the highest of the work employees hierarchy. She was accountable to the Lady’s Maid, parlor maids, laundry maids and so on.

All throughout history up until the nineteenth century, having housekeepers and maids was a standard apply for many middle or social class citizens. In step with History Matters, girls left house improvement jobs throughout world war I once they were required in factories and alternative war-time occupations. Since then, retainers have been on a decline till recently.

How do you classify a manual Job?

Understanding the various styles of manual labour jobs and what it takes to start out a career in manual labour will assist you decide what path you wish to pursue. Many of those positions need tons of organized coaching, certifications, licenses, apprenticeships and generally a university degree to qualify. Toil jobs are gratifying careers for those who wish to use their hands and perform physical labor.

There are many roles in this field, from construction to producing, there are also factory workers that move products from section to section, there are also those who provide services to customers like car washing and laundry services. A number of these toil jobs are higher for those who don't have the maximum amount of expertise or education, whereas alternative positions are higher for capable laborers.


Some job specifications include: Housekeeping jobs that provide the individual with a maximum salary of #20,000 to #30,000. A housekeeper's job is to clean and maintain the living area of a house or a given space. Housekeepers may be fit for hotels, motels, mobile services or house owners. A number of their primary duties embrace dusting, polishing, mopping, sanitizing, laundry and vacuuming.

A professional housekeeper knows that the job is not an easy one because sometimes you have to do extra work to make the job clean, that includes doing the laundry sometimes washing the plates and keeping the kitchen clean, some extra work can be even washing of the cars in the house when it’s not in use and trimming the grasses around the house and getting rid of unwanted dirt or garbage from the house.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Job?

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of having a housekeeper but still when the family is a busy type, and when the children go to school and the parents are working class people you find out that sometimes you are in need of a housekeeper because there will be little or no time to clean or arrange the house since both parents are working and the children can’t help either because they go to school as early as 7am in the morning.

To every advantage there is a disadvantage especially when it comes to people you don’t trust. Choosing a housekeeper entails that you select someone that you can trust and someone that has your interest and the interest of the family at heart because some people tend to hurt their employer by stealing from them when they are not around or even hurting their kids which is not a good quality in a housekeeper.

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