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Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods, including services and related information, according to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Logistics is the business of planning cost-effective material transportation and storage. They're in charge of hiring and firing personnel who work in warehouse, storage, and transportation, which involves the manager interviewing and vetting transportation and warehousing employees.


Logistics and distribution is a complex and advanced operation now, although it began in a simpler form many years ago.

The logistics systems of today are based on ancient Roman and Greek battles. To supply its soldiers, Rome created a highly efficient logistic system. The supply and allocation of supplies were the responsibility of military commanders known as "logistikas," who ensured that soldiers could move ahead efficiently.

Elaborate supply routes, roadways, and warehouses were used during the middle Ages. Forts and castles became storage depots, with the surrounding countryside's economy supporting them. With the arrival of railways and ships throughout the Industrial Revolution, logistics increased significantly.

Logistics shifted from military to business after World War II. Physical product distribution began with an emphasis on outbound activity. The logistics process currently includes filling orders, product distribution, storage and warehousing, production planning, and customer support.


The process of getting a product to a customer is referred to as logistics. While this may appear to be a straightforward process, logistics may be a complex and incredibly beneficial process for a company, especially when customer fulfilment timeframes are one of the most critical factors to consider. The product is created through manufacturing and production, but the consumer is most concerned about delivering it to them on time, which is where the logistics process comes into play.

It is not just the transportation of the goods that is included in the cost of logistics; it also includes all of the preparation, handling, storage, and order planning. Because logistics is becoming a more important part of supply chains, many businesses are investing more resources to establishing effective logistical strategies.

Benefits of Logistics & Transportation

Enhanced Distribution Network When you have a good logistics system and a variety of logistics operators, you may optimize the distribution chain's timeframes.

Reduction of costs Transport and handling costs can be decreased thanks to automated facilities and other multinational distribution systems.

Customers today put a high priority on delivery fulfilment. In today's world of quick gratification, customers want their product the moment they click the "purchase" button. When compared to a few years ago, shipping times have been substantially reduced thanks to effective logistical systems.

Logistics & Transportation Drawbacks

Globalization, technology, consumer change, legal considerations, and government policies are all factors to consider in the logistics industry. These factors have a direct impact on the logistics industry and may limit its potential to develop.

One of the most persistent disadvantages is that the sector is dominated by much larger corporations. Due to the related expenditures, this makes it extremely difficult for medium and small businesses to have access to it.

A longer distance to travel will inevitably increase the cost. It will be tough to obtain a competitive price as a result of this. Transportation is by far the most expensive aspect of the logistics industry.

Entry and exit barriers can also be a challenge to overcome, given that each country and state has its unique set of logistical norms.

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