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A legal profession is one in which lawyers study, develop, and apply the law. A law degree or other sort of legal education is usually required for someone interested in pursuing a career in law.

How did it begin?

The origins of the legal profession can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. Although it was against the law in Greece to accept paid for advocating for another, the ban was regularly disobeyed. Lawyers could practice openly after Claudius' rule, however their remuneration was limited. During the late Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, a professional and regulated profession emerged: advocates gained more status, and a separate class of notaries (tabelliones) emerged.

The legal profession in Western Europe fell out of favour during the so-called Dark Ages, only to resurface in the 12th and 13th centuries as canon law experts. The profession began to be regulated, and its scope expanded to include both civil and ecclesiastical law.

Available legal job offers in Nigeria on Jiji

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Specifications/purpose of legal jobs

This could include providing legal advice to clients, filing court documents, conducting legal research, and drafting contracts and other legal documents. The nature of the work will vary depending on the type of firm and an individual's level of expertise, as it does with many other law firm jobs.

Pros and cons of legal jobs

Lawyers are sometimes the punchline of many jokes; nonetheless, there are some advantages to being a lawyer. To become a lawyer, one must put in years of hard effort and extensive study; as a result, few people would select this profession if it did not offer several good perks. For individuals who put in the effort, the benefits of becoming an attorney outweigh the costs of earning a law degree and obtaining a license to practice law.

You get to choose from a wide range of public and private sector career options.

You can choose from a variety of fields of law, including domestic law, real estate, corporate/business law, bankruptcy law, immigration law, and estate planning, in addition to criminal defense. If a law exists that covers a specific subject, you can choose to specialize in that field.

If you appreciate the challenge of debating legal theories and points with another attorney to prove your claims are accurate, becoming an attorney will provide you with plenty of opportunities to argue and debate legal theories and different interpretations of the law.

To minimize work load, many law firms now provide telecommuting, alternate work schedules, tiered pay scales, enhanced family leave, including maternity and paternity leave, reduced billable hours, and virtual assistants.

If you want to make a livelihood as a lawyer, you won't have many options when it comes to choosing which clients to represent. People who use legal services do not fit into a single, clear demographic that can be assessed for marketing purposes. You'll find that there are just as many wealthy, sophisticated, and arrogant people as there are poor, messy, and unlucky ones.

You will not like all of them, but in order to manage your reputation, you must give each person your best image. If you are intolerant of people you disagree with, becoming a lawyer is not the career path for you.

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