Houses & Apartments for Sale in Lagos State

Buying a house in Lagos is a big step. With Jiji, you can take this step hassle-free. Simply visit the online website and input the specifications you want and different houses for sale in Lagos, which fit your description will be shown to you. Skip the step of moving from one property to the other and bargaining prices under the hot sun with Jiji. Here are some steps to follow when searching for a house for sale on Jiji:

Have a Budget

Having a budget is a point that cannot be overlooked. Have an idea of how much you are willing to spend on the property and how much houses typically cost in the area you are interested in. When you have a clear budget in hand, it reduces the number of homes you need to search through. The moment you find a property you are interested in, go ahead and contact the buyer and settle on the price before you even see the property. As if the price is agreed on beforehand, if the house meets your standards, then you can just pay without much ado.


The location of the house you want to buy matters as you have to put into consideration proximity to important places such as schools, your place of work, religious homes, hospitals, and even malls or places to buy small groceries. You want to find a location that is safe for you and your family members. When going to view the listing, also take note of the environment and make sure it is secure.


You are free to ask the owner of the building about the safety measures of the building. Does the house have a fence, are the doors fully functional and how safe are they? If the current security system of the building does not satisfy you, but you are satisfied with every other thing, then you can modify anything you want. When it comes to safety, it is never too much.


When going through listings on Jiji, you can also consider how the house is designed or planned out. All these can be checked out when you go to view the property. If there are any changes you want to be made, you can modify the building after finalizing payment to your taste.

Safety Measures

Even though Jiji has made it easier to meet people selling houses, you should endeavor to take safety measures when meeting with dealers online. Always go with someone to view the apartment so that you are not alone and find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Let Jiji help you find the perfect house for sale in Lagos. Shopping online has made the whole process very easy and less stressful.

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