Houses & Apartments for Rent in Lagos State

House hunting online has been made easy with Jiji. Are you moving to Lagos for school or work? Are you looking for an apartment or property to rent that fits into your budget? Simply go on Jiji and search for houses for rent. Tweak the filters to suit your needs and start searching today. Here are some tips when it comes to looking for apartments for rent in Lagos:

Know Your Price Range

From recent studies, it is recommended that you spend about 30% of your budget on housing expenditures. You should have a fixed budget on how much you want to spend on rentals either monthly or per year. You can also factor in the utility bills into the rent, so you are not plunged into debt but renting a beautiful home. Discuss with the homeowner how much it will cost you to rent the house, either fully furnished or semi-furnished or unfurnished. Negotiate wisely with the homeowner, so you are getting your money's worth.

Know What You Are In The Market For

Knowing the kind of property you want to rent will help narrow your search. Use the filter tool to adjust the listings shown to you to fit your needs. If you are looking for a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or story building, you can easily find one for rent on Jiji. You can also check for apartments based on the facilities they have. You can be in the market for a property with a pool, a home office, an open backyard, a big fully furnished kitchen, a deck or patio, and so on. With Jiji, you can find houses with these unique features without hassle.


The neighborhood you decide to rent in matters a lot. You need to find a safe neighborhood where you can rest assured that both you and your family members are safe at all times. Specific factors to consider about the location include the proximity to schools, proximity to hospitals, distance to religious houses of worship, your workplace, and so on. If you are satisfied with all the points listed above, then you can go ahead and initiate the negotiation process with the homeowner.

Inspect The Property

Before making any form of payment with the homeowner, go over with a companion, and take a look around the house. Check all the details and facilities in the house before signing the contract for the rent. Take note of any form of damage, so you are not billed for it later. Inspect the property for proper drainage systems, security, safety precautions like fire alarms, damp patches on the wall, or cracks. If there is anything wrong with the rental, you can request that the landlord fixes everything up before you move in.

Visit Jiji today and find the ideal house for rent in Lagos. Let your move be very smooth. Take precautionary steps when shopping online.

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