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The HP Spectre is the brand's slimmest and lavish laptop. It owes its style to the carbon fiber and golden bling. Moreover, the handset is stated to be the slimmest in the whole market. And taking into consideration the fact HP made it the world's slimmest laptop armed with Intel Core i5 or even i7 processors, the company is really worth a praise. The model features a broad frame (12.8x9.03-inch) and weighs only 2.24 pounds. However, despite this lightweight, the model is not that fragile as it seems. The gold and black scheme along with the sturdy construction, make it a perfect one. And the golden panel does not look any gaudy. On the contrary, it brings some sophistication to the model. What strikes one in the look of the Spectre, is the lack of hinges. The display freely moves around its keyboard base. Two strips in a crescent shape hold the latter. All this truly make the gadget look awesome and original.

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Unconditionally, the greatest hallmark of the Spectre is its mighty processor. Whilst others notebooks that have slim cases come with maximum Intel Core M processors, this device is enriched with an Intel Core i5 one. Moreover, it is also available in i7 CPU and 8GB of RAM memory.

As far as the battery type is concerned, it is worth mentioning that the gadget will last up to five and half hours on one charging.

If we turn to the keyboard, we can't but mention it is one of the bests one can meet nowadays. The firm typing and low typing sound make it a real pleasure to work on the notebook.

In spite of the grandiose performance provided, the slim notebook is not built to overcome serious graphical challenges.

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