Laptops & Computers in Nigeria

When it comes to buying gadgets like laptops and computers online, you want to be sure you are getting a quality product. Shop on Jiji today and find used laptops for sale for cheap prices. Shopping online has just been made easier and hassle-free with Jiji. With raving customer reviews on Jiji, be rest assured you are in the right hands. Here are some things to check when purchasing a computer or a laptop:

Buy From Trustworthy Sites or Vendors

Jiji gives you an opportunity to meet with the vendors personally before making any form of payment. Always remember to inspect the gadget thoroughly before making payment to the vendor. Unless you are buying a laptop or computer from a friend or a family member, then you should be careful when it comes to shopping online.

Meet The Dealer Personally

You want to set up a meeting point with the dealer personally to inspect the gadget you are about to purchase. You should know not to make payments to any vendor without first meeting to check the device. Before meeting with the dealer, you should have an idea of how much the brand you are about to purchase cost and then settle on a price beforehand.

Inspect The Gadget

You should check the hardware and software of the gadget to be sure they meet up to your specifications. When you get in touch with the seller, you should give the gadget a thorough visual inspection. Check the device for any noticeable damages as this can influence the price of the device. Make sure you test every port and an optical drive that it may possess.

Switch on the system and try the trackpad. Notice the level of response when moving around on the laptop. Open notepad and check all the keys on the keyboard. Check that all the keys are correctly positioned, and none is sticking out or stiff, and all the essentials still have their normal functions. Go to the webcam and make sure it works clearly and is responsive.

You can also play a video or song to test the speakers and adjust the sound from minimum to maximum. Ensure that the Ethernet and Wifi are working perfectly fine. Do not forget to check the backlight display of the laptop or computer. You do not want to make a purchase where you cannot adjust the screen brightness.

If you are not satisfied with any of the conditions, then it is not too late to walk away from the deal.

Shop on Jiji today and find surprising and cheap deals on laptops and computers. Spend within your budget and save more with Jiji.

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